When 6 unlikely people are paired up and snowed in over the holidays all bets are off if they can pair off and find love or run away and never look back. All six coming together and celebrating the holiday as well as their differences. This was a hilarious heart-warming story that was a joy to read. I would love to catch up with all of these characters in future books. Nineteen stories by nineteen different authors make up this holiday collection! This i loved these storries, there is love in the area this holiday and you need to catch it The Snow Drift Inn: Michelle Ziegler,I read this on thanksgiving day and this book kept me laughing and running around looking for my kindle wall charger because it was trying to die and i was into this story and wanted to finish, husband thought i was crazy or having an attack of some kinds, my 3 dogs thought it was a game or that i had food, not sure i could not put this book down i read it non stop.

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Haymore writes a book in this series I think there is no way to top the one I just finished. I started this latest one and realize she has done just that and has proven to me how fresh this series can remain. The characters of Becky and Jack are so full of life and longing just trying to make the right connection between family, relationship and future happiness while figuring out who to trust with all their secrets. Haymore has penned a fabulous story of seduction, romance, intrigue and betrayal and above all that - love.

I love her writing style and the complex plots that she has weaved so beautifully together The characters are amazing and the story will tug at your heart strings. So if you love a great read, do go and get this series, you will be glad that you did!

Suffice to say, the road to love can get somewhat bumpy, but it is an entertaining story that readers will enjoy. Becky is an independent, fearless woman except when it comes to opening her heart to another man. With enduring characters that exhibit strong chemistry, I very much enjoyed Ms.

Jennifer Haymore sparkles! She perfectly blends a strong plot that twists like a serpent and has unforgettable characters to create a book readers will remember and re-read.

A Touch of Scandal is a surefire win!


A Season of Seduction

This book follows Becky Garretts sister and Jacks story. Although the book stands alone very well, I highly recommend reading its predecessors because the heroes and heroines from the previous books will make several appearances in this one. Lady Rebecca Fisk, better known as Becky, has been unlucky in love. At the young age of 18, she eloped with William Fisk only to learn that he was a complete scoundrel of epic proportions and she was nothing but a pawn to him. Now, four years later and no longer young and naive, she is contentedly single and decides that she is ready for tryst.


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Molkis How can you commit your life to someone you hardly know? It did however wet my appetite for the previous books I have to find out what happened in them! I enjoyed this one a lot. Jack liked Rebecca from the start but with each new encounter he finds himself falling more deeply in love with her.

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