Gogul Auth with social network: Yes, Actuate now is a premier development environment that can present data visualizations in compelling ways and thus you can learn how to create actuate products which add more interactivity, dashboards, and analytics. We think you have liked this actuaet. You might make enough to buy a couple of beers! If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends reportt any social system. Report Templates, Libraries and Master Pages. BIRT promises to deliver the utopian vision of an enterprise capable,open source, easy to use, interactive, graphically rich, web based reporting tool.

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Click the links below to browse the documentation organized by functionality, tools, and APIs. Some functionality is not available in release 3. They explain how to design, configure, customize, and deploy applications, gadgets, and reports. Reports can be viewed and modified, shared with other users, scheduled for generation once or on a recurring basis, exported to other formats including Excel, and integrated with web applications using a JavaScript API.

HTML Interactive Viewer Interactive Viewer enables report customization without requiring technical understanding of underlying data structures. Report users can access, personalize and customize their BIRT content within moments of being introduced to the intuitive interface. One report design serves many users because it does not need to conform to just one structure, reducing developer workload.

Running a single, multi-purpose report reduces system load, empowers users, and increases their satisfaction. Interactive Viewer supports adding hyperlinks, computed values, modifying charts, graphs, and gadgets, sorting, filtering, and grouping data. HTML Managing volumes and users Managing Volumes and Users discusses how to administer an iHub System volume and how to create and use user groups, which apply a set of privileges to a group of users, and provides information about administrative best practices, capabilities, and tasks.

HTML Dashboards Create easily personalized and shared dashboards and metrics management scorecards to give executives visibility into top-level goals and objectives. Metrics management gadgets support interacting with or drilling down into data and individual KPIs, to answer complex strategic, operational, and tactical business questions.

Add, remove, reorganize, and customize the crosstab data to examine relationships and trends. Drill down to view detail data or drill up to view summary data. Filter, group, slice, sort, and pivot the crosstab to answer business questions. Using data sources designed and provided by data architects, business users can create dynamic data visualizations and business reports without relying on IT.

Use Report Studio to create insightful ad hoc reports when you need to find instant answers to specific business questions. Report Studio includes a set of templates to start many types of report designs. Reports can be viewed, exported to other formats including Excel, and integrated with other web applications using a JavaScript API. This rich, browser based tool gives business users access to predefined data structures and report templates to build new reports.

A crosstab report displays summary information in rows and columns. Drill down to view detail information or drill up to see summary totals. Click the links below to browse the latest version of the manuals.


Using the JavaScript API to Embed BIRT Viewer Toolkit into PHP, .NET, and More

Actuate Online Training Actuate Online Training with Free tutorials Actuate is said to be an enterprise reporting solution that was introduced by the Actuate corporation in the year Reports are composed by designers by utilizing the lead Actuate instruments like the e-RD pro and are deployed on a server for end users that run. The tools have a very good intuitive web-based design and a delivery metaphor that includes grid based cell sheets that are designed keeping simplicity in mind. You can also see that the product has a drag and drop feature and does not require the user to input or to maintain the software code by hand thus saving time. Actuate also provides software development tools for the collection of APIs which helps to support the developer to design new actuate applications without extending or customizing the existing applications. BIRT analytics is famous for its business analysis which the analysts use to their own predictive analytics exercises and the Actuate customer communication suite for processing, transformation and delivery of high volume content to the customers of the organization.


Getting Started


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