History[ edit ] Ghostscript was originally written [9] by L. Later, Deutsch formed Aladdin Enterprises to dual-license Ghostscript also under a proprietary license with an own development fork : "Aladdin Ghostscript" under the Aladdin Free Public License [10] which, despite the name, is not a free software license, as it forbids commercial distribution and "GNU Ghostscript" distributed with the GNU General Public License. According to Artifex, as of version 9. Ghostscript is the current commercial proprietary version licensed by Artifex Software for inclusion in closed-source products.

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See " What about commercial use? If you have a question or a problem to report, please see " If you need help " for information about what to do. Libraries obtained from other parties The Ghostscript source code distribution, and the Ghostscript executable code, include libraries obtained from other parties.

All the source files mentioned in this section are in the Ghostscript and third-party library source kits. The documentation of how to build Ghostscript tells where to get these libraries and how to unpack them. For more information, see jpeg. For more information, see libpng. These libraries do NOT fall under either the GNU License or the Aladdin Free Public License; they come with their own licenses, which also allow free use and redistribution under appropriate circumstances and which appear in the files mentioned just above.

What if I want support? Neither artofcode LLC nor any organization known to us currently offers Ghostscript support for end-users -- that is, for people or companies who just want to use Ghostscript and not redistribute it as part of a product.

We would be happy to include in the Ghostscript documentation the contact information for anyone who wants to offer such support. What about commercial use? GNU Ghostscript may not be incorporated into commercial products which forbid copying or for which customers cannot obtain source code for no more than the cost of reproduction, although it may be distributed "aggregated" with commercial products; AFPL Ghostscript may not be incorporated into commercial products at all, and may be distributed commercially only under extremely limited circumstances.

However, Ghostscript is also available for commercial licensing, which in addition to the right to incorporate Ghostscript into commercial products includes support, a limited warranty, high-quality fonts, and other benefits.


AFPL Ghostscript 8.54





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