Plot[ edit ] In Italy, wealthy families often hire bodyguards to protect family members from the threat of kidnapping. When Rika Balletto urges her husband Ettore, a wealthy textiles producer living in Milan , to hire a bodyguard for their daughter Pinta, he is doubtful but agrees. After some searching, he finally settles for an American named Creasy. Creasy, once purposeful and lethal who served in the French Foreign Legion , has become a burnt-out alcoholic. To keep him occupied, his companion Guido suggests that Creasy should get a job and offers to set him up as a bodyguard: thus he is hired by the Ballettos, where he meets his charge, Pinta. Creasy barely tolerates the precocious child and her pestering questions about him and his life.

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Start your review of Man on Fire Creasy 1 Write a review Jun 11, Arun Divakar rated it really liked it There is this stereotype that the thriller genre has given birth to : the strong,silent protagonist. A character who doesnt talk personal things, no beating their own drums, subtle, efficient and extremely lethal when wronged.

The main character of Creasy in this novel fits this role to a T. When we meet him first, Creasy is an alcoholic who is mildly contemplating suicide. He has been mercenary in some of the most violent battle zones on the planet but There is this stereotype that the thriller genre has given birth to : the strong,silent protagonist.

He has been mercenary in some of the most violent battle zones on the planet but is now out of work until a bodyguard job comes along. The entire plot is divided into four parts : 1. The Introduction : The backdrop is Italy from a few decades ago.

The amorous relationship between big business and organized crime is hinted upon and we are introduced to Ettore and Rika whose little daughter Pinta is in need of a bodyguard. Into this melee arrives Creasy : a bear of a man, formidable mercenary, a has-been and borderline alcoholic who finds lodgings with his widower friend Guido.

To give his friend something to think of other than the bottle, Guido offers the bodyguard job to Creasy which he grumblingly accepts. Becomes the daughter he never had and drops sunshine into his otherwise shuttered life. All goes fine until tragedy strikes and Creasy is left for dead with the sunshine extinguished from his life. The preparation : The military mind in Creasy goes to work and he goes into intense planning and also makes himself fit for the job of extermination on a grand scale.

This is also the meatiest part of the story for it is the place where Creasy and the minor characters are all dished out as flesh and blood people and not cliches in a vengeance plot. The transfromation of Creasy into a loving human being while being uncompromising on his vengeance is perhaps the best piece of the story. The Act Of Vengeance : Predictable and yet the inevitable part of the story where the one man killing machine strikes terror into the heart of the Mafia.

He dons the cloak of the grim reaper and finishes off everyone who had a hand in the death of little Pinta. It all finishes off with justice truly served. What saves this story from being a cliche is the character of Creasy and the ones that surround him. There is the element of character development here which would have been the last priority for another thriller writer. The same cannot be said of the antagonists for they are cartoonish caricatures : Villains and nothing more than that.

I vaguely remember little Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington from the movie adaptation and little Dakota Fanning was a treat in it. Washington while being formidable in his own right was perhaps not the best fit for this role. This is one for Clint Eastwood. That lean,mean,tough, old son-of-a-gun who will kick the living daylights out of any bad guy!

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