From ameh beginning ofthe following syllabuses will no longer be available for examination:. Piano old syllabus withdrawn last year Piano for Leisure Cello Clarinet Saxophone Singing The current subject codes for these syllabuses are as set out in the manual. During these two years the new syllabus will be evaluated and from the start of the previous flute syllabus will no longer be available for examination. This syllabus includes two new examinations, preliminary at the beginning of the syllabus and the certificate of performance to cap Level 2 examinations.

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General Each AMEB subject has a corresponding syllabus which outlines the requirements for an examination. AMEB syllabuses set educationally appropriate goals across a wide range of practical and written subjects, from beginner level through grades and onto tertiary entrance standard.

AMEB syllabuses are designed by leading scholars and performers and are regularly updated. They take into account feedback from teachers, parents, students and any other interested stakeholders. Some changes have also been made to the Theory of Music syllabus. A revised version of the Musicianship syllabus was also published in the Manual for the first time.

A revised version of the Theory of Music syllabus was published in the Manual for the first time. These new syllabuses will be examined concurrently with the previous syllabus, last published in , until evaluations of the new syllabuses take place. When preparing for examination, ensure to use only one syllabus as a guide.

Syllabuses under review AMEB syllabuses are regularly reviewed by specialists with a national profile in their instrument to reflect current pedagogical best practice. They are produced within Australia to the highest editorial standards.

Learn more Manual lists AMEB syllabuses have a selection of repertoire called Manual lists from which candidates can select pieces for exam performance. Where editions are listed, these are mentioned solely as a means of identification, candidates can use any standard edition, however, in the case of arrangements it is neceesary to use the specified volume as other editions may be of unsuitable levels of difficulty. Sometimes manual-list pieces go out of print, temporarily or permanently.

Extra list and own choice works are pieces selected by the candidate that have an educational value similar to that already prescribed in the syllabus. The AMEB does not provide prior approval of extra list or own choice works, however candidates and teachers may wish to discuss their selection with other teachers and performers. If you identify a possible error in a syllabus, please contact us.

Composition submissions Composers may wish to submit their works to be considered for inclusion in an upcoming AMEB syllabus. Learn more Study.


Theory of Music - August 2013

Brajin Please add them to the enrolment form but pjano will not be necessary to write N or O. These books may only be used with the flute syllabus that last appeared in the Manual of syllabuses. Additional requirements do not apply to the Certificate of Performance examinations in Piano for Leisure, Saxophone for Leisure or Singing for Leisure. Australian Music Examinations Board WA My fellow consultants and I wanted to actively encourage students to broaden their notion sylllabus what it is that pianists actually do. Skip to main content Skip to navigation.


Digital Syllabuses 2018

Syllabus in focus: Flute Syllabus in focus: Flute At the end of , AMEB launched its new Flute syllabus along with supporting publications; Grade Books from Preliminary through to Sixth Grade, the Technical work book covering Preliminary through to Eighth Grade, and a Sight-reading book containing graded examples of sight reading similar to that likely to be encountered in an AMEB examination. We are delighted with the way these have been received by the flute community, and must record our sincere thanks to the committee of representatives from around Australia as well as Syllabus Consultants Alexa Still repertoire and Peter Bartels technical work , whose expert contributions over several years led to such a successful release. These include the age of the current syllabus, its general suitability as reported to us by candidates, teachers and examiners, the currency of publications featured on the manual lists, and whether the pedagogical models on which it was based are now considered outdated. The repertoire selections for the syllabus and Grade Books were made to appeal to a broad range of musical tastes.



Faukinos This syllabus will be examined concurrently with the flute syllabus that last appeared in the Manual of syllabuses for two years after the release of the new syllabus. The current subject codes for these syllabuses are as set out in the manual. Candidates must be prepared from either the NEW flute syllabus in its entirety or the OLD flute syllabus in its entirety. The grade books include exciting and challenging repertoire in a range of styles and the syllabus also features wholly revised Manual Lists that draw on some of the most attractive recent publications for the flute. Please write the correct subject code on the enrolment form and indicate N of O in the column provided. Please add them to the enrolment form but it will not be necessary to write N akeb O. The percussion syllabus is under review during Flute Violin Classical Guitar Bassoon Please write the correct subject code on the enrolment form and indicate N of O in the column provided.

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