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Cheryl Reitan The travels and adventures of Arnoldo Hax. Arnoldo Hax remembers the significant moments that shaped the course of his life events, and he remembers the students he taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Sloan School of Management.

I helped them see the greater questions. During his first year as a engineering student, Arnoldo contracted tuberculosis. He went from being first in his class to spending a year in bed. Arnoldo invited his friends to join a reading group. My life-long love of great literature began that year. He went on to earn an S. He briefly but significantly, joined a pioneering endeavor, the Arthur D. Little firm out of Boston. He traveled the world working with corporations on building systems, tracking inventory, and managing operations.

Arnoldo returned to his wife and his two children, Neva and Andreas, and a position at Harvard in their business school. Then, an opening at MIT became available and Arnoldo switched careers again, this time in a position he held for decades as an Alfred P. He wrote, co-edited and edited nine books. The president of Chile awarded the honor for meritorious service to Arnoldo for his lifetime of service, which includes an ambassador-like role on behalf of MIT.

He was the faculty chairman of the MIT-Chile program, and helped to bring more than 40 MIT students to internships in laboratories and companies in Chile. They have a family member in the Department of World Languages and Culture, and they love literature, language, art and travel.

He recently finished a collection of stories. He continues life as an avid reader and enjoys one other endeavor: following the progress of UMD.


Arnoldo Hax

Hax created the "Delta model"[ edit ] The unique set of frameworks and methodologies, grew from the fact that changes in the world of business were so enormous that existing managerial frameworks had become invalid or incomplete. These huge advancements were caused by the internet. The internet created a huge potential for communication and the incredible technology surrounding e- business and e-commerce enabled completely new business approaches. The idea was to get companies to stop focusing so strongly on competitors but to focus their strategies more around the customer. There are three points: system lock-in, best customer solutions and best product.


Delta model



Taking the Unexpected Path


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