This chapter explains how you do this. To manually control fixtures and dimmers, you need to be in Program mode, so ensure the key is set to Program. The Pearl then knows that any changes you make are only to be sent to these fixtures. You can select fixtures individually, or several at once. They are shown in dark blue on the VDU screen. You can change the fixture page, if you need to, by pressing one of the other Fixture Page buttons.

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Pearl Manual - 16th July 1. Welcome to the Pearl This manual is designed to help you get the most out of your Pearl console. We have divided it into two sections. If you are new to the console, working through this part will give you a good introduction. To help you move between the two sections, we have made the chapter numbering the same, so if you are using the tutorial and you want more information, just look for the same chapter number in the reference manual.

At the back of the reference manual there is a Glossary, explaining some of the technical terms used in the manual, and an Index which can be used to find what you need in either section of the manual. This manual applies to both the Pearl and the Pearl Tiger consoles.

The internal operating software is the same for both consoles, but there are some external differences which are highlighted in the text.

The manual may also be used with the Pearl and Pearl consoles but some features described may not be available on the earlier consoles. Ensure the power is off while making these connections. Important: Firstly check if your console has a voltage selector switch on the back of the console next to the power socket. If it has, make sure it matches your mains power. You can set it to V or V. If you plug in the power with the switch set wrongly, you will probably blow up the power supply.

This would be a Bad Thing To Do a few hours before a show. Connect the mains inlet to an AC power supply. Connect the DMX output s to your lighting fixtures or dimmers.

The Pearl consoles and later have four DMX output sockets. Chapter 1 in the reference manual has more details on DMX connections. Plug the desk light into the socket on the top left of the console. Turn on the power. The console display and VDU screen if you are using one should come alive. Pearl Manual - 16th July Page 2 - 1. Welcome to the Pearl 1.


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