Of course, this is all discovered through his eyes, as he reads this journal. The second problematic aspect is the characterization of the hero and heroine. First of all, both of them have parents who are complete crap. So both of them have issues.

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Irritated at the prospect of having his solitude disturbed, he paused in the act of rising to his feet, wondering who else was awake at this hour. The cause of the disturbance was immediately visible.

Delight replaced his earlier irritation. Now, this wake-up call was far more to his liking. She was petite, he thought, her body small but with no lack of curves. One of those lush curves was currently outlined beautifully by well-worn denim as she knelt on the ground and peered at the front wheel of her bicycle.

Long, arrow-straight black hair shifted like thick silk as she moved, brushing her bottom again and again. Interest sparked low and deep in his gut, a sharp hunger that was at odds with the jaded boredom that had crept up on him over the past year. An amused light in his dark eyes, the stranger held out a long-fingered hand. His hand was strong, his fingers curling around her own until she felt engulfed…owned. Heat sizzled up her spine and burned through her cheeks. She tugged her hand away the moment she was up, unable to cope with the explosive fire shooting through her body.

It suited him. A strong, masculine name for a man who was just that. You work on the estate, oui? It made rational thought difficult. She could feel her body sparking with life, embers of something hot and sensual glowing deep inside her.

Was it any wonder no one else had ever measured up? It felt like he was kissing her with nothing more than a look, making her feel things that should be illegal this early in the morning. Research I had to do an enormous amount of research for this book in two completely different fields — wine and flowers. First came the wine. Because my hero was a winemaker, I had to become knowledgeable about technical aspects of wine production.

I did a lot of reading on the internet and even emailed a small winery owner for information about soil! Yes, they replied. Here, I got lucky. I also did a lot of reading up on plants, including seeking out color photos for descriptions.

I have to admit I had a huge amount of fun designing this greenhouse, which template was used by the other authors in the Ashtons continuity when they set scenes in there. Fellow Desire writer, Yvonne Lindsay, was the one who got me the answers I needed—from her talented husband! Not only that, I had to learn French …well, only the sexy things that Alexandre says to Charlotte. So as a result of having written this book, I now know all about wine, grape cultivation, greenhouses and I can murmur sweet nothings in French!

Bestseller Status Awaken the Senses hit 1 on the Waldenbooks bestseller list, the first of my books to make it to 1. It was also a 4.


Awaken the Senses

Kazrara Charlotte Ashton has always been on the outside looking in—until she meets worldly Alexandre Dupree. As much as I enjoyed reading about Charlotte Ashton and Alexandre Dupree, this book feels massively incomplete to me. Irritated at the prospect of having his solitude disturbed, he paused in the act of rising to his feet, wondering who else was awake at this nalinj. I later discovered that this was part of a nalinl all written by different authors, and that probably explained why I had trouble understanding how some of the characters in the book were related to each other. One of my all time favorites This was one of the first books I read by Malibu Singh and I enjoyed it so tue that I wanted to read more of her stories. It made rational thought difficult.


Awaken: Awaken to Pleasure\Awaken the Senses



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