Stretching from Ontario to the Atlantic Coast, Eastern Canada is a land as diverse as it is beautiful. In Ontario, interconnected lake systems teem with hungry sportfish while moose roam the surrounding woods. In the wilds of Quebec, the ancient Canadian Shield landscape juts against the epic waterway of the St Lawrence River, leading to the Maritime Provinces further east. As you move across New Brunswick, the forest gives way to the Atlantic Coast, where the most powerful tides in the world have spent centuries carving out dazzling rock formations. This edition also includes brand new Quebec geographic base features and Adventures. Over 1,, km of our backroads network combined into one map, including over , km of routable roads.

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With so many visitors coming to explore Cottage Country, it can be difficult to find a place to get away from it all. However, the latest edition of our Cottage Country Ontario Backroad Mapbook makes it easy, with industry leading topographic maps, detailed trip planning resources and meticulously researched adventure listings.

With our Mapbook in hand, along with a sense of adventure and the proper supplies, there are no limits to your Cottage Country adventure! Features Topographic Maps Featuring sixty seven updated and thirty nine new maps, complete with labeled recreation sites, amenities, highways, backcountry roads, oil and gas sites, trails and other points-of-interest, this durable, heavy-duty Mapbook represents the leading industry standard for cartographic sophistication, unparalleled even by government sources.

New to this edition, the maps now include detailed Crown land areas. Service Directory In addition to our maps, we list Cottage Country and Eastern Ontario accommodations, services, tours and amenities, including information on the top outfitters in Cottage Country and Eastern Ontario.

We also list where to find hunting and sportfishing equipment. Index New to this edition, we have divided the index into Map and Adventure sections to make it even easier to use. Backroad Adventures Whether travelling along one of the main or secondary highways that run through Cottage Country and Eastern Ontario, or along one of the many bush and backroads, there are plenty of spots that warrant a stop in this part of Ontario.

In the latest edition of our Cottage Country Ontario Backroad Mapbook you can find close to 70 detailed listings for backroad attractions around the Ottawa Valley, Kawartha Lakes, Muskoka and many other regions.

Fishing Adventures From the nutrient rich lowlands east of the Frontenac Axis to the thousands of lakes of Algonquin Provincial Park and all of the waterbodies in between, Cottage Country offers unbeatable fishing for trout, splake, walleye, muskellunge, bass, pike and more. New to this edition, we now include Stocked Lake Charts for the area. Hunting Adventures For hunters, the diverse landscape of Cottage Country offers plenty of opportunity for big and small game as well as fowl.

Paddling Adventures Cottage Country is a world-class canoeing and kayaking hotspot and features some of the best lake paddling and river paddling you can find anywhere. Algonquin Park, in particular, has countless options for short and long distance paddles. However, great paddling can be found throughout the region, from French River to North Bay to Trenton and beyond. In the latest edition of our Cottage Country Ontario Mapbook, you will find detailed lake and river paddling routes, complete with put-ins, take-outs, difficulty and more.

In the latest edition of our Cottage Country Mapbook, you will find over detailed listings for park adventures in the area. Trail Adventures From well-marked and maintained trails to faint footpaths and bushwhacks, Cottage Country and Eastern Ontario enjoy a constantly growing network of trails that lead to some of the most spectacular scenery you will find anywhere in the country. The latest edition of our Cottage Country Ontario Mapbook contains detailed trail listings for hiking, biking, winter use and more, as well as over designated ATV and Snowmobile trails.

Wildlife Adventures The further north you move from Toronto, the more wild the landscape becomes, and the more animals you can find in their natural habitat. Moose, deer, wolves and black bear are common sights, as are smaller mammals such as otters and beavers. The abundant wetlands are a haven for resident and migratory birds as well — be sure to bring your binoculars when visiting Cottage Country and Eastern Ontario!

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Stock status is updated frequently. Products may sell-out or be replenished at any time of day. These maps feature up to date logging road and industrial roads, trail systems and a wide range of recreational features that are not found on other maps. Add in the listings of everything from fishing lakes to Canadian paddling routes, from wilderness campsites to road side parks, from countless trails to wildlife viewing, and you will see the opportunities are endless. Let Backroad Mapbooks be your guide to the Canadian outdoors. There is a well-established series of trail systems, canoe routes and winter routes that link the major urban centres and smaller towns to the freedom of the outdoors.


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