Together she and Batman chase after Talia al Ghul, the true mastermind behind everything. And thanks for reading Autoblog. Both featured detachable sidecars. The Batman TV series. Originally, the equipment for fast pursuits was conceived, and, with the help of the special effects, it functions also on smooth underground and under most extreme weather conditions. Batman vehicles Fictional motorcycles.

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Despite that, a replica of the Batpod was inevitable, it just needed the right kind of lunatic to build it. While many lunatics have tried, this full-scale version from Florida, assembled in just two months, is by far the most precise. Read on The Inventory The hardest part of almost any build is the design. The project naturally began with a set of mm Hoosier Racing tires mounted on steel wheels, a welded block-and-tube style frame, and an ultra-compact, water-cooled, single-cylinder motorcycle engine like that of the KTM Step 2: Frame Fabrication Advertisement Every motorcycle starts with a frame.

The Batpod is unique in how it offsets its wheel hubs and uses that structure to house underslung steering and hidden drive components. The engine computer and a small fuel tank are installed close to the engine so that they can be covered by a shroud. Step 4: Steering Advertisement At first glance, steering the Batpod seems like a form of sorcery — there are some arm protectors and no visible handlebars, and blam-o, it steers.

Instead of the handlebars and yoke steering found on other motorcycles, the Batpod uses a series of shafts and levers. Burying it in the frame is the first part of that equation; the second is covering it with the engine shroud that the driver lays his chest on.

Our Florida builder started with non-corrugated cardboard and created a three-dimensional form by cutting and taping it to shape. Now would also be a good time to mock up the arm shields in the same fashion and fabricate the seat pan.

Step 6: Add Tchotchkes At this point there are dozens of detailed parts to add: knee and foot rests complete with shifting and braking controls, forearm rests at the top of the handlebars, forward controls including brakes and clutch levers and throttle, the Hollywood-grade guns and grappling hooks, etc. Use your imagination. Advertisement Step 7: Paint and Ladies The final step in the process is to take everything apart and paint it.

Start with a primer coat and let everything dry, then move to the final color coats. This Batpod was given two colors: flat black and silver-gray. Of course, when you finish painting you absolutely must drape scantily clad ladies across it and take photographs. After all, chicks love the car Advertisement Behold, the Finished Batpod The finished Batpod in these pictures was initially put up for sale on eBay.

Quoted acceleration is 5.





Bat-Pod & Custom figure


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