Low distortion Low output noise Standby function Mute function More information. TDA x 6 W stereo car radio power amplifier. This is advanced information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. V in produces V out What is an amplifier?

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It is designed to be used as a building block in other projects where a More information. Typically it provides 22W output power More information. The additional features of TDAvery low number of external More information. On-chip 2 channels permitting use in stereo and bridge amplifier More information. The TDA was designed to work also in higher efficiency way. Tested with optimized Application Board see fig. Minimum number of external parts required No input capacitor, bootstrap.

The output signal may be of the same form as dafasheet input signal, i. Moreover, full exploitation of the SOA translates into a substantial increase in circuit and layout complexity due to the need for sophisticated protection circuits. It consists of four independent, high gain, internally compensated, low power operational amplifiers which have been designed to More information.

Supply Voltage Figure 6: The gain is internally set to 20 to keep external part count. Details are subject to change without notice.

TDA x 6 W stereo car radio power amplifier. Term Project — Audio Amplifier Objectives To understand the principles of a Darlington push-pull power amplifier and its application. To overcome these substantial drawbacks, the use of power MOS devices, which are immune from bex53a breakdown is highly desirable.

It limits the safe operating area SOA of the power devices, and as a consequence, the maximum attainable output power, especially in presence of highly reactive loads. Precision ma regulators. In order to dimension the heatsink and the power supplya generally used average output power value is one tenth of the maximum output power at T. By itself, it will supply output currents up to ma.

It bdx53z of four independent, high gain, internally compensated, low power operational amplifiers which have been designed to. Output Power Figure This allows the use of this device as a very high power amplifier up to W as peak power with T. By considering again a maximum average output power music signal of 20W, in case of the high efficiency application, the thermal resistance daatsheet needed from the heatsink is 2. Symbol Parameter Test Condition Min.

Operational Amplifiers A device that takes an input current, voltage, etc. A over an output voltage range of 1. Order code Package Packing 4 x 41 Datasheeg quad bridge car radio amplifier Datasheet — production data Features Flexiwatt25 High output power capability: T1 and T2 are two power transistors that only operate when the output power reaches a certain threshold e. In figures 21,22 the performances of the system in terms of distortion and output power at various frequencies measured on PCB shown in fig.

Start display at page:. While a linearization of the DC transfer characteristic of the stage is obtained, the dynamic behaviour brx53a the system must be taken into account. General description The TDA89 is dqtasheet high efficiency class-d audio power amplifier. Figure 20 shows the power dissipation versus output power curve for a class AB amplifier, compared with a high efficiency one. To construct an audio power amplifier on a vero board and heatsink.

Since the total power dissipation is less than that of datashset usual class AB amplifier, additional cost savings can be obtained while optimizing the power supply, even with a high headroom. A significant aid in keeping the distortion contributed by the dwtasheet stage as low as possible is provided by the compensation scheme, which exploits the direct connection of the Miller capacitor at the amplifier s output to introduce a local AC feedback path enclosing the output stage itself.

This voltage More information. We have 3 curves: With high unity gain frequency and a guaranteed More information. With high unity gain frequency and a guaranteed. A local linearizing feedback, provided datasehet differential amplifier A, is used to fullfil the above requirements, allowing a simple and effective quiescent current setting.


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