Zulkiktilar Alex is shaken to the core when he sees the former love of his life. Would you like an heir of deception beverley kendall tell us about a lower price? Alex decides the only thing he can do to fix everything, is to forge a marriage license between Charlotte and himself and just make it seem as if they were estranged for the last five years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Abandoned at the altar… A man devastated by love After three years of carousing and debauchery, Alex Cartwright, heir to the Duke of Hastings, has put his life back in order.

Having embraced sobriety for two years, he has no intention of revisiting the past or risking his heart again. Now, although it appears that secret is safe, when Alex discovers her other secret—their son—Charlotte has an altogether different battle ahead.

She must now fight one love to hold onto the other—the man whose touch still makes her burn, for the child who is her very world. Highly recommended for historical romance fans. A movement, a figure, in the corner of her vision halted her speech. Charlotte shifted her gaze. Her breath and her world came to a shuddering halt. He rounded the stretch of hall leading from the study. Their eyes met across a distance of some forty feet. Her breath left her completely then.

The air surrounding her became charged and hot. Charlotte stood frozen, ensnared as deftly and completely as a rabbit in the presence of a rattler preparing to strike. She watched as he proceeded down the seemingly endless corridor toward her. Save the measured fall of his footsteps, silence reigned with a parasitic presence that made speech a novelty and breathing a luxury.

Charlotte could do nothing but wait in statue-like stillness while her heart picked up its pace. To even blink would have been unimaginable. As he drew closer, she began to make out the subtle changes time had wrought in his visage. With hair the black and shine of obsidian brushing the collar of his morning coat, and the delicious little dimple in his chin, he had always been surfeit in looks.

But the Alex of old had possessed a wicked sort of charm. His smile, lazy and hinting at deeper passions, had caused the palpitation of many a female hearts. Upon their betrothal announcement, the gossip sheets had stated the sound of those very same hearts breaking could be heard from Cornwall to Northumberland. At present, however, it appeared no smile would dare venture near his lips. Faint lines bracketed his mouth, the surrounding skin taut and unforgiving in its sternness.

And there was an iciness in his expression that pierced her heart with a corresponding blast of cold. He even carried his lean muscular frame with an aloofness, tight and very controlled. Yet she remained resolute as he advanced upon her, awaiting the first words they would exchange since the day before what should have been their wedding day.

With his every step, her anxiety climbed and her heart stumbled over the hurdle an ocean and five years had created.

Twenty steps separating them became ten and then five. Continuing to imprison her with his silver-eyed gaze, he finally spoke. Perhaps that was the reason it took her a moment to comprehend he was speaking to Catie and not her. Given the circumstances, it was she who should be rattled and out of sorts. She was all that and more. Charlotte knew then she would have to initiate any form of communication between them.

And who else should do it if not her. But never had two words taken so much effort to speak. His jaw firmed, his nostrils flared and an ominous stillness settled over him. A moment later he gave her sister a brisk nod. Good day, Catherine. Book 1.


The Elusive Lords Series


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An Heir of Deception


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