Daramar Danfoss acquires full ownership of Danfoss Danfoas Issuing guidelines for better protection of the environment Supporting energy efficiency improvement and leakage reduction in systems Handling a certification programme for performance Elaborating safety and other technical standards Promoting harmonisation of component standards and regulations Consolidating production and market statistics. Product Catalog — Almacen Panafrio, S. Follow us to stay up with the latest cooling industry news, updates, announcements, and resources. CaractersticasBulbo e tubo capilar em ao inoxidvel: Learn more about the historical facts about commercial compressor manufacturing, and the engineering phases changes in addition to energy efficiency focus.

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Production hour 00 to 23 or shift code -1, -2, -3B: The compressors can also beused for Heavy Duty purposes at low evaporating temperatures for use in refrigerators, freezersand similar applications operating in regions with unstable supply voltage.

Allow the compressor to assume a temperature above 50F 10C before starting the firsttime in order to avoid xanfoss problems.

Compressors with denominations ending with GX are G-types designed for high evaporatingtemperatures with HST starting characteristics expansion valve. On some compressorproduction lines the stamping has been changed to needle printing into the side of the housing. No high potential test nor start tests must be carried out while the compressor is under vacuum.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ControlsWith our full product range we cover all the requirements for mechanical andelectronically controlled refrigeration systems. The most important performance controls carried out during manufacturing are, A high potential insulation test with V for compreslres second Pumping capacity Tightness of discharge side and discharge valve Tightness of compressor housing Check of the right oil charge Noise testThe compressors are supplied with sealed connectors and the sealing should not be removedbefore the system assembly takes place max 15 minutes with open connectors.

As shown in the drawings the following designs ofstarting devices exist: DIN are transferred toRa systems. Equivalencias de Lubricantes Para Compresores Documents. Normally, the capillary tube shall be adjusted at low evaporating temperatures. Compresorew tardes Gracias Alfredo. This starting device is mandatory for some compressor designs and itis an option for others specified in the invidual data sheets.

As shown in the drawings the following designsof starting devices exist: Aceites Para Compresores Carlyle Documents. At stable operation conditions the condensing temperature must not exceed F 60C.

Muy clara y convincente la orientacion, pero el problema se presenta es cuando el compresor no presenta visible los datos de placa. Example recent date code: Dimensions G GHeight in. Recomendaciones Para Despresurizacion de Compresores Documents. This is going to be introduced on all products. Tambien se me ocurrio lo siguiente: Because of this, limitations of refrigerant charges have been introduced.

Published on Dec View Download 5. If these limitations cannot be complied with, the risk may be reduced if a crankcase heater isproperly used or if a pump down system is established. Compresoges experiencia propia tengo saber la capacidad del compresor tomando como referencia sus dimenciones: Estoy queriendo construir una chopera para cerveza.

Aplicaciones cpmpresores Mecatronica Para Compresores Documents. Rules for dryness and cleanliness of system components e. Example new date code: Para un novato realmente es un poco complicado resolver este tipo de circunstancias, pero ojala te sirva esto: The charging equipment danfss only be used for Ra. All compressors have a green label with the typedesignation. El controlador de temperatura seria un STC En todo caso ando estudiando este tema catzlogo que me confundo mucho.

LFFEThe first line states the model designation and the code no. The code numbers for the mounting accessories are specified in the individualcompressor datasheets. The coding is designed not to be mixed up with the previous version. Both the condensing temperature and the compressor temperature should be kept as low aspossible. This can be done by using well-dimensioned condenser surfaces and by ensuringgood ventilation around the compressor under all operating conditions. In order to protect the compressor against overload, the compressor has to start and workproperly through pressure peaks obtained in the highest ambient temperature ddanfoss lowest obligingvoltage.

Compressors for Refrigerators and FreezersHermetic compressors and fan-cooled condensing units for householdrefrigeration units such as refrigerators and freezers, and for commercial installa-tions such as cataogo counters and bottle coolers.

HP como saber de capacidad es el Motor del. Danfoss compressors have a manufacturing date code stamping on the housing. Ambient and suction gas temp. Related Articles


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