Shakaramar A checklist is provided and a key is presented based on adult wing pattern and characters of the male and female genitalia. Aricia from north-western Europe. Individuals cztalogo typical wing pattern were swarming around dwarf shrubs in clearings and on the outskirts of forest at lower montane level. Uncus short, moderately broad, with a broadly rounded tip; ven- trally beyond the uncus and inside the tegumen, a tuft of longer hair-like setae; ac- cessory claspers relatively broad, rounded distally; a row of about 10 longer, straight to slightly bent spinoid setae on the inner surface of the anterior end of the accessory Zeller-Lukashort et al.

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Technische Konstruktionsmerkmale: - Neues hydraulisches Hebesystem mit zwei tragenden Zylinder. Tracciato tecnico costruttivo: - Nuovo sistema idraulico di sollevamento con due pistoni portanti.

Technical lay-out: - New hydraulic lifting system with two load-bearing pistons. Traversa superiore con sicurezza elettrica. Upper crosspiece with electrical safety.

Obere Verbindungsschiene mit Sicherheitsabschaltung. Eletric control board. Elektrische Steuerschalttafel. Tensione ausiliaria 24 Volts. Technical, structural layout: - Electrohydraulic operating. Auxiliary tension 24 volts. Tension auxiliaire 24 volts. Technische Daten und Konstruktionsmerkmale: - Elektrohydraulischer Antrieb. Dispositivo ad inserimento automatico che impedisce la rotazione dei bracci snodati.

Articulated arm rotation automatic stop. Automatic insertion device, it prevents rotation of articulated arms. Automatische Einrastvorrichtung; verhindert Drehung der Gelenkarme. Dispositivo ad inserimento automatico che permette il bloccaggio dei bracci in qualsiasi posizione. Arm opening automatic stop. Automatic insertion device, it allows locking of arms in any position.

Automatische Armarretierung. Evitano che l operatore o altre persone vengano urtate nella fase di discesa dai bracci e dal carrello del sollevatore. Feet protections. They keep the operator or other people from being trapped when the lift arms are lowering. Una delle due coppie ha i piani mobili di regolazione. No 2 pairs of wheel alignement stands for two post lift - one is equipped with adjustment movable planes.

Permette di utilizzare lampade portatili con la potenza di 40 W. It allows the use of portable lamps - 40 W. Prise pour lampes 24 Volts. Permet l utilisation de lampes mobiles. Puissance 40 W. Set for the conformation to the rule UNI of the 2 —post lifts art. Le caratteristiche di tale supporto sono: - Diverse posizioni stabili ad aggancio automatico.

This bracing has the following features: - Different stable positions for automatic coupling. Tracciato tecnico costruttivo: - Funzionamento elettromeccanico. Technical and structural lay-out: - Electromechanical functioning. Elektrische Sicherheitsabschaltung bei Tragmutterschaden. Supplementary platform to ease the loading and unloading of the vehicle on the lift.

Steuerspannung 24 Volt. Changes in the positioning of the control unit shall be required when ordering. The integrated pneumatic auxiliary lifting table is disappearing inside the footboards of the lift.

Peso - Weight Poids - Gewicht: Art.


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