Contra el viento del norte es un gran libro escrito por el autor Daniel Glattauer. Contra el viento del norte es la novela romantica inteligente y brillante que dio a conocer a Daniel Glattauer y que se convirtio en un bestseller gracias al boca a boca. En la vida diaria? Leo Leike recibe emails por error de una desconocida llamada Emmi. Como es educado, le contesta y como el la atrae, ella escribe de nuevo.

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Re-read Oct, 22, Who decided to just change the original title of this book? A little while ago I asked for a book recommendation here on Goodreads, I wanted to know if there was possibly a good book out there with a very specific theme : long distance romance, email or chat correspondence. A Goodread user answered me : "Are you kidding? Try this A. Bratt "Possession" , instead. Stay authentic! I met the father of my son 14 years ago this very same way. And let me tell you it is very authentic, it was very romantic, we wrote to each other for 3 years, long emails, letters and phone calls.

Romanticism can perfectly lives within virtual electronic ways, rest assured. Is Daniel Glattauer a "laughable" author? Absolutely not! He is a genius. Best Wishes, E. Leo had me with his first one I quickly fell in love with his character. This is a private one : woerter leike. You want woerter like. It must be really a shocking magazine. They both pretty quickly develop feelings toward each other without really crossing a virtual line, Emmi is a "happily married" woman after all The whole book is written in email format, no narration at all.

I just completely overlooked the fact that no descriptions to their surroundings where given, focusing on their exchange, waiting for one of them to feed me crumbs about their lives. Daniel Glattauer just made it work! She - this Emmi with size 37 shoes - is beginning to interest me more than befits the nature of our correspondence. I just told some friends I would never recommend this book to someone I care about, just to spare them the trouble of having their heart ripped open.

If you know me, you should know by now that I hate giving out what is happening in a book unless you read it. I love to experience every little details personally, which is why I often overlook a blurb and try not to read reviews beforehand.

Has it occurred to you that we know absolutely nothing about each other? Each of us is trying desperately to build up an accurate picture of the other. Yes, by all means feel free to write to me! Type away all your frustration with men, from the depths of your soul. Unleash all your self-righteousness, cynicism and gloating. If you feel better afterwards, my inbox has done its job.

Yes, I met my Leo in very similar circumstances. My own virtual soulmate. I invested myself a tad too much in their story, but the author did not exactly left me a choice here. I was mentally screaming for them to meet and declare their love. Is the north wind blowing?


ReseƱa: Contra el viento del norte - Daniel Glattauer

Es una escritora tan descomunal de grande como invisible, por lo que parece, para el inmenso mundo. Pero es de lo mejor que tenemos en la actualidad, hombre o mujer, aunque en su obra queda bien claro que es una mujer. La diferencia de enjundia literaria es, en ciertos casos, aplastante. Confieso que he leido con placer estas novelas citadas y no me arrepiento de ello; igual que no me arrepiento en este momento de estar releyendo "Grandes esperanzas". No me parece, la verdad, que sea incompatible. Josep A. Estoy de acuerdo con usted en que no es incompatible la lectura de libros como los que cita con otras obras de hondo calado.




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