You have saved us having to have a new boiler. Would certainly recommend your services. Karen Chubb Whole process was very efficient and easy. Good price, good delivery. No problems.

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What information is needed? If this is a Danfoss EVR solenoid valve you are looking to replace, and there is no data label tag, remove the solenoid coil from the actuator stem. The part number will be three numbers, one letter, and four more numbers stamped on the side of the actuator stem. Where can I find the products which are set up for sale in the North American market?

To find aftermarket products for sale in North America, scroll down on this page for the complete portfolio. The complete line of Danfoss products is also available at store. Where can I find a Danfoss authorized wholesaler to purchase parts? The orifice size, as well as the Danfoss part number, will appear on the head of the nut, as shown below.

Does Danfoss have a cross-reference tool I can use? Where can I find spare parts, rotolock valves and crankcase heaters for Danfoss Compressors? For spare parts, rotolock valves and crankcase heaters for Danfoss compressors, please review the Danfoss spare parts and accessories catalog to meet your individual needs.

I have an ACB cartridge pressure switch. Where can I find a single replacement? To source the proper replacement, you will need to contact the OEM for the piece of packaged equipment in which the ACB cartridge pressure switch is installed on. How do I identify a Danfoss pressure or temperature sensor so I can order a replacement? For pressure and temperature sensors, the part number can be found on the data label tag and will consist of three numbers, one letter, then four additional numbers.

If this replacement is for a new application, part numbers can be found at the Danfoss product store. Where can I find information on Danfoss condensing units or spare parts? How can I purchase a replacement ERC controller?

ERC electronic controllers are available at your local Danfoss wholesaler, which can be found here. Is there a replacement for F controllers?

The F is an ETC controller, and there is currently no aftermarket option. MTZ compressors, as shipped, are not appropriate replacements for MT compressors. MT compressors are rated for R22 and come with mineral oil. Can SZ compressors replace SM compressors? SM compressors, as shipped, are rated for R22 and come with mineral oil. Therefore, SZ compressors are not appropriate replacements for SM compressors. Can the SZ model series be used with R22?

No, the SZ model compressor is not rated for R22 as it is shipped from the factory. Once you have made your adjustments, reinstall the cap.

This video on our YouTube channel walks you through the process of safely and accurately adjusting the superheat. How do I remove a solenoid coil? First, de-energize the solenoid coil and remove the nut on top, if one is present.

Then, remove the coil by lifting straight up on the coil holding the valve in place. Do you have any programs or mobile apps to assist with part selection? Can I change the internals on an EVR without removing the valve? Yes, you can change the internals without removing the valve. However, the valve will allow refrigerant a clear path to the atmosphere.

The refrigerant must be recovered before starting this process. Installation videos.


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Our solutions Air conditioning Danfoss air conditioners are durable, energy efficient and affordable, you will find solutions for residential and commercial air conditioning applications. Commercial refrigeration As a leading supplier within commercial refrigeration our extensive product range enables us to support solutions for anything from transport refrigeration to speciality cooling. Food processing and storage Danfoss helps bring food to the consumers by providing reliable food processing and storage safety technology. Learn more about our solutions here. Food retail Components designed to provide the lowest total cost of ownership, while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your supermarket refrigeration system. Food service Danfoss offers a wide range of food and beverage refrigeration equipment to ensure food quality from source to consumer.


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