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This standard specifies requirements for factory-applied three-layer extruded polyethylene-based coatings, and one- or multi-layered sintered polyethylene-based coatings for the corrosion protection of steel pipes and fittings. The present standard specifies requirements for coatings that are applied to longitudinally or spirally welded or seamless steel pipes and fittings used for the construction of pipelines for conveying liquids or gases. Applying this standard ensures that the PE coating provides sufficient protection against the mechanical, thermal and chemical loads occurring during operation, transport, storage and installation. DIN EN ISO specifies requirements at international level for three-layer extruded polyethylene- and polypropylene-based coatings for steel pipes for petroleum and natural gas pipeline transportation systems.

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It is intended to be used for quality assurance purposes. DIN Refers to Polyethylene Coating Pipes and Fittings — Requirements and Tests This standard stipulates the requirements for the three-layer extruded polyethylene-based coatings used by the factory, as well as the single-layer or multi-layer sintered polyethylene-based coatings for corrosion prevention of steel pipes and fittings. When it improves aesthetics and lower the maintenance period once installed.

ESC can offer 4 main corrosion protection methods that are an option to our customers. This standard specifies the coating requirements for seamless steel tubes and fittings for pipeline construction for longitudinal or DSAW pipes or for transporting liquids or gases.

Application of this standard ensures that PE coatings provide adequate protection against mechanical, thermal and chemical loads during operation, transportation, storage, and installation. DIN EN ISO specifies the international standard requirements for the three-tier extruded polyethylene and polypropylene-based coatings for oil and gas pipeline transportation systems.

All polyethylene-based coatings for steel pipes and accessories for gas and liquid medium distribution pipes. Single-layer and muti-layer burning for pipes and fittings of transport pipes and distribution pipes.

The standard DIN for polyethylene coating is applicable to the above application areas. Two layers of polyethylene-based coatings have been standardized in Europe. The material should be chosen by the coating machine itself. According to the installation and coating procedures, various materials can be used to meet the minimum requirements for the finished coating specified in this standard. The buyer should agree to any deviation from material use. The surface should be cleaned by sand blasting.

Jet cleaning and any necessary follow-up work should not lead to the reduction of minimum wall thickness. Which specified in the standard of steel pipe technology delivery. The remaining debris should be removed before the coating is coated. If you want a quotation about coating pipe, please contact me. I will do my best to support you.

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DIN 30670:2012-04



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DIN 30670 Coated Steel Pipe Specification




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