Taull This book is in my top five reading experiences of all time, not only because it showed me another side of who God is, but because it showed me how to paint dewards with words. Gene has been called one of the best writers of Christian literature in the last years. More on the Deeper Christian Life. Meet a transcended Lord outside the space-time continuum.

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Feb 11, Frank rated it liked it As a novel this is a great book, but one that should not be taken out of the novel realm. The reader must not take the writing to represent the Christian God as revealed in Scripture. Nor the imagine of Angels to be taken as real nor what they say. I love his idea of Divine Romance and think there is a lot to be learned from the author. However one must not be confused in thinking what is written in this book is As a novel this is a great book, but one that should not be taken out of the novel realm.

However one must not be confused in thinking what is written in this book is Scripturally correct, it is not. There is much liberty taken from scripture and so it could confuse some readers into thinking this is "Gospel" rather than a novel not fully based on Scripture. Some would make that to mean the Trinity and the love flows back and forth between this "Our". It is not my goal to offer my thoughts of God but to review the book with what Scripture tells us. And since according to scripture God is not the sad God floating around with no one to share love with, God in fact is love and joy even before man, so the whole premise of the book fails leaving the rest interesting but not representative of why God created man.

God told Mosses at the burning bush not to come any closer. We can only come so close to God and the rest is faith. An attempt by man, the author, to think like God, to think we can think like God and understand his thoughts will only produce rubbish. We simply are not wired for that sort of thinking. And to represent our understanding of what God thought at creation is not going to be even close either. He even refused to accept God as his partner. There is much that could be said about Divine Romance but the author has made an assumption in the beginning of this book that is not scripturally sound and so what follows might be interesting but has no basis of fact.

That is sad because I think the author has a great idea in this book, but based on misconceptions according to Scripture which means one must read it with caution and maybe a bible to refer to while reading it.


Gene Edwards El Divino Romance

Product Description La mas Bella historia de amor que se haya relatado jamas Un libro de poder, belleza y grandiosidad Raras veces se ha combinado en una obra de literatura cristiana la sencillez del arte narrativo con la vasta profundidad de la fe cristiana. En esta epopeya comprensiva, que se extiende desde la eternidad hasta la eternidad, usted descubrird algunas de las mas profundas riquezas concedidas al creyente. Como una grandiosa sinfonia, esta es una version casi mayestatica del amor de Dios, la mas grande de toda la historia. Dios, en la eternidad pasada, solo, se levanta para ponerle fin a su sempiterna jornada en soledad. Crea el ambito invisible y luego el ambito visible, a fin de poder escoger a uno de entre sus seres creados, que viniese a ser su otro yo. Luego de siglos de lidiar con un descarriado Israel, Dios entra en el ambito del tiempo y el espacio en busca de su otro yo.


The Divine Romance


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