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Dorian has truly taken the mystery out of bodybuilding. He has broken it down into the basic elements; eating right, training correctly, resting, and employing intensity in your workouts. The first three elements you can get directly from this book. The intensity factor you have to experience. Then you will have the complete formula to achieve all of your lifting goals. How you choose to use it is up to you. One of the best books on the subject.

By Brawndawg aol. Abreviated routines is name of the game if you train anabolics-free. Dorian shares his view in a very humble, no bull manner. The disapointment with other authors was they just repeated what other bodybuilders wrote. Nothing original. His rate of improvement from year to year is phenomenal. I know some people might say that it just the drugs, I disagree. Today - - other pros now follow his hardcore, intense approach.

In the world of bodybuilding: Yates is the leader and everybody else is a follower. Even though this book was published in his methods have remained the same. I would recommend this book to only those who are ready to follow an intense program. Wimps not need apply. I read this book in a day. Very few people ever experience such will-power to the point of self-destruction. Arnold would talk trash but Dorian would let his body do the talking on stage!!!

I love it! And probably never will again. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning what REAL bodybuilding is. If you can find one of his books available that is. I have never read a bodybuilding book that emphasizes on honor and respect. Those attributes will take you far. It gradually shows the progress of his muscle building. Yates believes that you can surpass a bodybuilder of superior genetic and less determination even though you believe you have inferior genetic if you have twice the determination.

He believes anybody can go beyond their genetic potential with hard work. So demand the very best of yourself. Doing things one at a time has been his doctrine of success. He believes a big success is the sum of little successes all combined. I, too, believe this strongly. For example, to grow one inch muscle around your arm, you first have to determine to grow a quarter of an inch. The only thing I disagree about some bodybuidling technique of the book is that doing quick positive moves.

I do 2 second positive muscle contraction and 4 second negative muscle release. Doing slow moves have definitely helped me avoid injuries and concentrate more on stimulating my muscle. Reading this book will not only help you to gain muscle, but also improve yourself as a person. Best wishes to Mr. Arnold has always talked rubbish, given fake advice, misguided many youngsters whether it comes to training, diet.

Trust me, if you are really serious about bodybuilding, this book is for you. The language is very simple. The advice is straightforward. I began to feel results immediately after weeks of intense training. My recuperation is far better now. Great book, Dorian is a no nonsense guy who transcended bodybuildng, I wished it was on kindle version also!

Olympia titles, Dorian completely changed the sport when he came into the Mr. BUT he does give options on what to do to get the same intensity without a partner By the end of the book, you learn that it is all on you to take yourself to the next level I really enjoy this book By Buddy Alvarado on Aug 17, I really enjoy this book, lots of great and timeless training information, a must for anyone looking for good training Neutral By Daniel St.

Hilaire on Feb 11, Good condition considering the age of the book, it definitely does not appear to be new as stated in description. Did not live up to the hype By Kindle Customer on Nov 29, Did not live up to the hype - other Yates articles published contradict the message and notes in this book which is confusing? This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Little-Wolff Pub Group and has a total of pages in the book.

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Dorian Yates' Blood & Guts 6-Week Trainer

This is the Dorain Yates, Blood and Guts routine. The main focus of these workouts is to push the weight as heavy as you can possibly handle during the working sets for as many repetitions as you can handle by yourself, then push for a few more with the help of your workout partner. Now, three weeks into this workout I can honestly admit to you that my lifts have gone up with every single workout and I am even seeing some nice changes to my body, which is always a great plus. I have written out each individual workout, and in addition I am going to attempt a first for my blog and put a video of each workout as seen on bodybuilding. The trick to success with this program is to keep the intensity level very high at all times.


Blood and Guts


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