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Whether for your personal use, a concert, or a live performance, you need a microphone that can handle the task without giving you a dull and lifeless feedback. We would be comparing two Microphones and their specific purpose to help make your decision easier. Sennheiser e Extended High frequency response Supercardioid Microphone Sennheiser is a company that is known for producing quality microphones for over 70years now.

E is the perfect microphone for any occasion. With this microphone there are little or no spills when you use it, because it is a super-cardioid microphone. It offers side rejection to help you achieve a great sound. E offers you consistent sound quality irrespective of distance from whatever type of speaker you choose to use. The same sound that is being heard by those in the front would still be the same for those at the back.

In essence it offers a high projection and clarity. While on stage this microphone cuts through the high sound levels to deliver enhanced signal output. It comes with a pouch inside the box for easy packing, and 1 microphone clip. Because of its metal design it is able to withstand handling noise and also signal interferences.

It is also one of the most durable microphones out there. More Features of the Sennheiser e It comes with a 2 year warranty, though it would take a whole lot of beating up to actually damage this microphone. It has gained a lot of popularity because of its clear vocal reproduction.

Whether you want to use if for a studio recording or give a speech, it provides a standard sound. It has an inbuilt shock mount system that guarantees maximum performance even with rough handling. Like the Sennheiser e it isolates your voice from the surrounding noise and echoes. Shure SM58 also comes with a break resistant stand adapter and it rotates degrees.

In the box, you will find a microphone clip as well. Most people make use of internal shock devices to cut down handling noise, but this microphone comes with an in built pneumatic shock system to reduce handling noise. There are so many duplicate of this product in the market, so it is important that you get from a trusted dealer, to enjoy the maximum capacity and feature of Shure SM More features of the Shure SM58 Its high frequency lift dips around 7.

Recommendation They are both perfect in terms of durability, but SM58 has a slight edge. If you are looking for a clearer sound quality, then you can opt for the Sennheiser e Shure SM58 is a right pick as a no-fuss live mic, but Sennheiser picks up more details when recording both vocals and instruments.


Sennheiser e845 vs Shure SM58 Review



Sennheiser e845


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