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Edward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia on August 10th, When Ed was 26 years old, he became engaged to marry his one true love Agnes Scuffs. With no outside assistance or large machinery Ed single-handedly built the Coral Castle, carving and sculpting over 1, tons of coral rock, as a testimony to his lost love, Agnes. In this part of Florida, the coral in some areas can be up to 4, feet thick.

Incredibly, he cut and moved huge coral blocks using only hand tools. He had acquired some skills working in lumber camps and came from a family of stonemasons in Latvia. He drew on this knowledge and strength to cut and move these blocks. Ed had lived in Canada, California, and Texas but when he developed a touch of tuberculosis, he decided to move to a better climate to help his condition. Ed moved to Florida in and lived in Florida City until about Ed was a very private person and when he heard about a planned subdivision being built near him he decided to move to Homestead and in bought 10 acres of land.

Ed spent the next three years moving the Coral Castle structures he had already begun to build from Florida City to Homestead, a distance of 10 miles. How did Ed move all these carvings a distance of 10 miles? Ed had the chassis of an old Republic truck on which he laid two rails.

He had a friend with a tractor move the loaded trailer from Florida City to Homestead. Ed lived a very simple life; he did not own a car. Instead, Ed would ride his bicycle 3.

Many people saw the coral carvings being moved along the Dixie Highway, but no one actually ever saw Ed loading or unloading the trailer.

In , after the carvings were in place, Ed finished erecting the walls. The coral walls weigh pounds per cubic foot. Each section of wall is 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 3 feet thick, and weighs more than 5. When questioned about how he moved the blocks of coral, Ed would only reply that he understood the laws of weight and leverage well.

This man with only a fourth grade education even built an AC current generator, the remains of which are on display today. The only written records Ed left to are five pamphlets that he wrote. These pamphlets are available only in our gift shop. In December of Ed became ill. After his death, a nephew living in Michigan inherited the Castle. In , shortly before his death, the nephew sold the Castle to a family from Illinois.

Ed made a small living giving tours for ten and twenty-five cents, from the sale of his pamphlets, and from the sale of the land where U.

Highway 1 passes the Castle. Ed was a common man who touched the lives of all who met him in an uncommon way. Psychic Saturday Discover what the universe has in store for you. Coral Castle invites you to join us on the first Saturday of every month for Psychic Saturday. Palms read and fortunes told! Click here for details. Video Tour Opens daily at 9 am Tour groups welcome.


Edward Leedskalnin

All those books that people became educated from twenty-five years ago, are wrong now, and those that are good now, will be wrong again twenty-five years from now. So if they are wrong then, they are also wrong now, and the one who is educated from the wrong books is not educated, he is misled. All books that are written are wrong, the one who is not educated cannot write a book and the one who is educated, is really not educated but he is misled and the one who is misled cannot write a book which is correct. You know they knew nothing but they passed their knowledge of nothing to the coming generations and it went so innocently that nobody noticed it.


Edward Leedskalnin’s Writings / Booklets

Facts Catalogue January 25, Edward Leedskalnin was a Latvian immigrant who single-handedly created a coral sculpture garden, the Coral Castle, over a span of 20 years. Working only at nighttime, he created amazing structures using colossal coral chunks, each weighing several tons. Leedskalnin never revealed his methods but claimed that he had discovered the secrets of the pyramid builders. Since its inception, it has managed to keep engineers, architectures, and scientists equally confounded.

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