He guards many treasures that he holds dear; he has many goals that he would see fulfilled. The Hollow Knight serves as his right hand in such things. Azimer appears as a knight clad wholly in shining green steel. No flesh shows through his visor, nor through any chink in his armor. His keen senses and skill in battle are without peer, and there are few in Malfeas or Creation who would dare stand against him when he wields his brother Gervesin in battle.

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He guards many treasures that he holds dear; he has many goals that he would see fulfilled. The Hollow Knight serves as his right hand in such things. Azimer appears as a knight clad wholly in shining green steel. No flesh shows through his visor, nor through any chink in his armor. His keen senses and skill in battle are without peer, and there are few in Malfeas or Creation who would dare stand against him when he wields his brother Gervesin in battle.

Should his visor be pried up, the armor falls away in a heap, lifeless and empty. The Massassi themselves have no more substance than a shadow; however, they are adept at taking control of a human host.

Some cultists summon them and willingly allow themselves to be driven by the Massassi, vicariously triumphing through its strength; some Exalts use them as spies without compare. While his creator is an architect beloved by all who see her smiling face, Kujulu is rarely seen at all. He dwells within the various dragon lines that weave and wander throughout Malfeas; when a more tangible form is needed, he takes the shape of a man of indeterminate age made up of tiny flecks of opalescent Essence.

His presence can be foretold by the pulse of Essence that always accompanied him, not unlike that of the center of an uncapped demense. Ihiyo , the Breath of the Earth Caelene The Ihiyo are often used by Kujulu as temporary markers for notable nexuses of dragon lines for later development into demenses. They speak in tinny high-pitched voices, giving diagnostics on the local geomancy even without being bidden. They appear as ever-mutating crystals with peculiar matrices that change color depending on the flavor of the local dragon lines.

At his feet rises a bronze cloud, into which the banners vanish. Whatever creature touches the draperies of Ekrasios turns to glittering dust and joins the cloud that follows him. He is lost forever in contemplation; he knows all the memories of the creatures he transfigures.

It can be a potent weapon. She imprisons her three favorite children: the underworld serpents Furious Leaf, Coiling Brilliance, and Silent Fangs. In her motions, she blocks their every attempt to escape; studying her spinning orbs reveals the motions of the Malfean heavens. Jasperid, the Precious Serpent FourWillowsWeeping These serpents of Malfeas are made of agate and onyx, and have triple-forked golden tongues.

There are three kinds: day serpents, twilight serpents, and night serpents. Tatjana, Expressive, the Sobbing Dancer FourWillowsWeeping Tatjana feels all joy and sorrow, so she dances through the world, celebrating and grieving.

When she is torn from her exultant dirge, she can grant a moment of this perception to one who knows how to demand it, or free him forever from the pangs of pleasure and pain. Clariandra, the Empress Resplendent in the Panoply of Brass Quendalon This illustrious magnate, one of many who rule in the demon realm, sits enthroned in palaces and mansions throughout the endless layers of Malfeas, surrounded by wealth and grandeur beyond mortal imaginings.

Her skin is black as jet; her eyes, brass orbs, blaze with golden light. Garments woven from her brazen hair gleam upon her perfect body. Clariandra holds dominion over any lesser being who accepts any favor from her or her household, no matter how small; thus-indebted mortals and First or Second Circle demons are bound to her service, and must fulfill even the vilest and most self-destructive commands.

Though she has the power to bring order to the demon city, such a project would hold but little interest for her; instead, she occupies herself with her own obscure pursuits, leaving the reins of power in the hands of the lesser demons. Mumadomna, Defining, the Brazen Patriarch Quendalon From a high minaret that looks out over the black infinities of the Demon City, the Brazen Patriarch calls the demons to prayer. Mumadomna is a massive, imposing near-human presence, clad in rich vestments of many colors, crowned with a tall mitre of blue glass and bearing a staff of ivory and gold.

In Creation, he travels astride a water buffalo made of green sand. His voice is sonorous and deep with the power of the Yozis. He keeps his many faces within a compartment inside his chest so that he may switch them about at his whim; each compels those who listen to his sermon to succumb to a different sin. Once, Ur-Namuur could travel the weft and warp of time, stepping between the moments like a spider in his web, but after the dawn of the First Age, such gifts were lost to him.

Entrapped in Malfeas, Ur-Namuur cannot walk Creation, nor may he be summoned, for should he walk the world once more, time would be his to conquer. In visage, Ur-Namuur is a titanic clockwork man, with a timepiece in his chest; like all the clocks of the Hell-realm, Ur-Namuur cannot tell proper time, and thus is lost in the eternity of imprisonment. The green fires of rage and bloodlust shine from his eyes and mouth, forming an aurora halo about his head.

On each of his brass fangs is written one verse of the Furious Clamor Sutra. In his wake travels the Market of Rage, the foremost mercenary market in the Demon City, administered by his souls and staffed by his spawn. His domain is the minds of others, and his presence brings bloodshed. The personalities of the weak-minded are overwritten and replaced with insane savagery at his will.

His only pleasure is in thus exerting his dominance over others, in the breaking of wills and the senseless destruction of peace. He walks the city for years on end, delighting in the carnage he sows, and the stones themselves grind against each other at his passing. Their arms and legs fold perfectly flush against their bodies, and they often remain stationary for days on end.

When touched with blood, their limbs unfurl into spastic, thrashing motion and their true functionality is revealed. When they are played, somewhat like a gigantic saxophone, they can drive men mad with the sheer rage of their song. Brother will turn on brother, sons will devour the wombs of their mothers as if to atone for their own birth, and the elderly will crush the skulls of infants to the tunes of the shmir.

The great cleaver he bears, named Gorepater by those who have seen it and lived, is never still, always biting at the flesh of his prey. Carmarog never tires and never rests, and he never leaves the battlefield. If he has to go somewhere, he takes the battlefield with him. The only physical contact he has with others outside of beating them to death or tearing them limb from limb consists of almost insultingly cursory blows to those who catch his eye, to give them prowess in the fray and bind them to his service.

Great flanged, curving blades sprout from them at the shoulders, knees, and paws, and all along their back. As the demon ages, the blades grow and increase in number. Ha-rou are rabid, mad things, and usually spend their lives fighting pit matches for the amusement of the denizens of the Demon City.

Their heads are clad in bands of iron wrapped around their skulls, sometimes obscuring even their eyes or their mouths. The geshuggin live for the cutting of meat. They find work throughout the Demon City as executioners, disposers of bodies, butchers, and of course soldiers. Many of them will cut themselves if nothing else is handy.

They often serve as entertainment in Malfean cage-matches. He is the law of his master, and adjudicates disputes within the Market. Baashael can call blood from its veins, and for this reason he is much feared among demons with blood, rather than the more common ichor or stranger vitae, and of course among mortals.

He is full of rage, hateful, destructive, and cannot be swayed by temptations of the flesh. Baashael is creeping, subtle, but swift and horrifyingly deadly.

His favor cannot be won because he has no favor to win, and mercy is an alien concept to him. The upper halves of their faces are concealed by eyeless iron masks. Their mouths are filled with delicate fangs, and they cannot speak except in birdlike caws and croaks. They will rapaciously snatch and devour any quantity of gold they find, and sing a wordless song of porcelain beauty and spiteful malice as they do.

They cannot abide the gleam of steel or the sound of glass breaking, and can be shockingly violent when irritated. They flap in great flocks about the rafters of the Demon City, but even more of them languish, wings clipped, in Market tents or the palaces of demonic magnates.



System[ edit ] The game uses ten-sided dice and a variation of the Storyteller System [4] to arbitrate the action, and, as with many other RPGs, requires little beyond the rulebooks themselves, dice, pencil, and paper. The Exalted version of the rules were derived from the trilogy of White Wolf Publishing games Aeon Trinity , Aberrant, and Adventure where the idea of a fixed target number of 7 or higher was first introduced. Characters may be frequently presented with challenges that normal human beings, even within the context of the game, would find difficult, deadly, or simply impossible. However, as the chosen champions of greater powers, each Exalt possesses Charms, which may either enhance their natural capabilities or manifest as shows of great power. An Exalt with low-level archery charms might find her arrows hitting with preternatural accuracy, while greater faculty might allow her to shoot without difficulty to the edge of her vision, or turn a single arrow into a deadly rain of ammunition. The Exalted frequently power their charms with accumulated Essence, a universal energy that flows through and comprises Creation and other worlds.



Share Malfeas, once king, hates Creation, and he hates imprisonment. Most of all, though, he loathes his own form. Though reshaped into a city against his will, Malfeas retained some control, and his environment seethes with spite. He must admit the magical materials, but steel—so useful in Creation—warps into its component ores upon entering his gates, clattering in pieces to the brazen streets. If self-destruction were open to him, he might take that path. Parts of the Demon City crash furiously into others, arches and causeways collapse with metallic moans, and ruins submerge themselves in murky Adorjan.


Exalted Malfeas: The Compass Of Celestial Directions, Vol. 5

Kesho Want to exact terrible vengeance? Resilient and strong enough to lift the world or crush it underfoot. That urge to reach down deep, and to rise above? The Infernals of Chapter 5 changed all that. Infernal Exalted — Exalted 3e After receiving the Infernal Exaltation, the First Circle demon is sent into Creation usually through summons by cultists in Creation to seek out a host.

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