Code Function Follow the steps in the exact sequence. Page Press the [Initialization] button on the indoor unit. Complete removal Press the [ ] button. Page Program Mode Program Mode The user data can be registered, changed or deleted by entering the code in the doorlock after making it the Program Mode.

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The door can be opened with a card fit for support standard as well as a card contained in the product Support for the ISOA-Type, Up to 70 including the password can be registered. The door can also be opened with a password.

Please read this section carefully and use the product accordingly. Warning, Caution and Note Explained: Warning Information given under this heading is information the user must be aware of to prevent physical harm. Page 7 Cautions during Installation The user shall not install or repair Do not install the product in the the product without authorization.

It is also [OPEN] Button used to lock the door from indoor in manual locking mode The Manual Switchgear is used to open or lock the door when Manual Swichgear the batteries are completely discharged. Battery Replacement Alarm Generation If the melody of "Blues for Elise" sounds Melody when opening the door using the password or a card, it is time to replace the batteries.

Battery Life Although actual battery life differs depending on the manufacturer, date of production and operation environment, four 1. When Lock Fails to Operate Due to Discharged AA Batteries If the batteries are not replaced after their replacement time comes, they will be completely discharged and the door lock will not operate. Recognition of a Card Password Entry The door is not opened.

Left Hand Setting Set the switch to 2. Page Basic Functions Basic Functions This section describes the ways to initialize the information registered in the door lock, to register the password and card data, and to open or close the door.

Initialization Master Password, Password and Card All registered data master password, password and card are deleted. Only one password can be registered. Please register a new master password after initialization. Registering or changing the password is available while the door is open. Up to 70 including cards can be registered. Please register a new password after initialization. Page 18 4. Only numbers between 0 and 9 can be used. Up to 70 including the password can be registered.

Page 20 4. Registering in a Series and Terminating Repeat the Steps 3 and 4 to register additional cards. Please refer to "Double Security Mode Setting" on page 22 to change the double security mode to the common security mode. Press the [Wake Up] button and place the registered card on the card reader. The automatic locking mode is set when the product is purchased. Sound Function Setting The product is set to generate all sounds at the factory.

Page 29 Setting the Security Function This function prevents intrusion from outside while the residents are out. Once set, it generates an alarm sound when the door lock is operated from inside. Page 30 Double Locking The double locking function prevents opening of a locked door from outside. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Please refer to the following if the door lock does not operate properly.

If the problem can still not be solved, contact the nearest service center. Page 32 Problem Solution Remark - The door cannot be opened from the outside using The door cannot be the password or card if the double locking function opened with the has been activated.

Setting or Releasing Function Default Press the buttons in the given order. Initialization Press and hold the [Set] button for 10 seconds button Password and Enter the current password card all deleted.


Samsung SHS-6020 Quick User Manual



Samsung Ezon SHS-3120 User Manual


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