Some of the members were organized and trained by Georges Schoeters , a Belgian revolutionary. The last two of these cells were involved in what became known as the October Crisis. From to , the FLQ committed over violent actions, including bombings, bank hold-ups, kidnappings, at least three killings by FLQ bombs and two killings by gunfire. In Revolutionary Strategy and the Role of the Avant-Garde was prepared by the FLQ, outlining their long-term strategy of successive waves of robberies, violence, bombings, and kidnappings, culminating in revolution. The history of the FLQ is sometimes described as a series of "waves". The ideology was based on an extreme form of Quebec nationalism that denounced Anglo exploitation and control of Quebec, combined with Marxist-Leninist ideas and arguments.

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In the coming year Bourassa will have to face reality; , revolutionary workers, armed and organized. Yes, there are reasons for the Liberal victory. And the brave workers of Cabano that you tried to screw again know lots of reasons.

The brave workers for Vickers and Davie Ship, who were thrown out and not given a reason, know these reasons.

Yes, there are reasons why you, the welfare recipients, are kept from generation to generation on social welfare. Yes, there are all sorts of reasons, and the Domtar workers in East Angus and Windsor know them well.

And the workers at Squibb and Ayers, and the men at the Liquor Board and those at Seven-Up and Victoria Precision, and the blue collar workers in Laval and Montreal and the Lapalme boys know those reasons well. The Dupont of Canada workers know them as well, even if soon they will only be able to express them in English thus assimilated they will enlarge the number of immigrants and New Quebeckers, the darlings of Bill And the Montreal policemen, those strongarms of the system, should understand these reasons - they should have been able to see we live in a terrorized society because, without their force, without their violence, nothing could work on October 7.

We are terrorized by the capitalist Roman church, even though this seems less and less obvious who owns the property on which the stock exchange stands? Production workers, miners, foresters, teachers, students, and unemployed workers, take what belong to you, your jobs, your right to decide, and your liberty. Only you know your factories, your machines, your hotels, your universities, your unions. Make your own revolution in your areas, in your places of work. Only you are able to build a free society.

We must fight, not singly, but together. We must fight until victory is ours with all the means at our disposal as did the patriots of those whom our sacred Mother church excommunicated to sell out to the British interests.

We want to replace the slave society with a free society, functioning by itself and for itself; a society open to the world. Our struggle can only lead to victory. You cannot hold an awakening people in misery and contempt indefinitely.

Long live our imprisoned political comrades.


Front de libération du Québec

Cross was released by his captors on December 3 when their hideout was discovered; the felquistes were flown to Cuba. Laporte was found dead in the trunk of a car on October They are a group of Quebec workers who have decided to do everything they can to assure that the people of Quebec take their destiny into their own hands, once and for all. In this sense the victory of the Liberal party is in fact nothing but the victory of the Simard-Cotroni election- fixers.


Manifesto of October 1970



FLQ Manifesto




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