The forms are P55, P50Z and P53Z, and will be used by individuals who have had tax deducted at the emergency rate when accessing their pots under the new pension freedoms. If a person making a withdrawal from their pension pot has no P45, but leaves an amount in the pot, they would be taxed at the emergency rate and would have to wait till the tax year end to make a claim for repayment. The form P55 can now be used to reclaim tax earlier. HMRC has advised people to consult their pension provider if they are intending to make a series of smaller withdrawals.

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Accountancy What is a P50? Using a P50 form is one of the ways you can claim back overpaid tax from HMRC when you have stopped working. When do I use a P50 form? You can only submit this form after your fourth week of unemployment. These are all taxable benefits. Where do I get a P50 form? There are several situations where a P50 is not the appropriate method of obtaining your tax rebate: You need a different form from HMRC , called a P53, if you got a small pension lump sum payment.

This could be called a small pot or a trivial communication payment. You have two options if you get an occupational pension. You can either apply to HMRC for your rebate after 5th April, or you can apply to your pension provider for the repayment.

If you are claiming one of the taxable benefits mentioned above, then Jobcentre Plus will deal with your rebate. You should submit your claim after the next April 5th or when your claim ends, whichever comes first.

If you are about to start a new job in the next 4 weeks, then your next employer will sort out the repayment through the salary system. You just need to give them parts 2 and 3 of your P45 when you start. Our experts are here to review your tax position and help you claim back what you are owed for the last four years.

Do you buy your own tools for work? Follow the link below to claim a rebate Do you need help with your form P50? Follow the link below to contact HMRC.


Claim a tax refund if you've stopped work and flexibly accessed your pension

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New forms introduced by HMRC to claim back pension tax


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