And all our production facilities are ISO certified. However, in the unlikely event that within Ten 10 years from the original purchase you discover a problem caused by defects in either workmanship or materials, we will see that it is either repaired or replaced. Because the warranty is tied to the serial number, there is no paperwork to transfer the warranty to a new owner. This warranty does not cover damages by improper installation or operation, misuse, abuse, manipulation, alterations or repair attempts, accidents, fire, floods, acts of God, and incidental or consequential damage caused by defects with other components of the solar system. Policy and procedure for warranty returns and repairs To obtain service you must follow this policy and procedure for warranty returns and repairs: 1.

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Fronius uses a small transformer with high output and efficiency for its inverters The power stage is based on the use of high frequency HF technology.

The HF transformer is extremely compact, yet capable of transforming considerable power. The unique Phase-Shift process minimizes switching losses and is able to generate ultra-high conversion efficiencies of The automatic transformer switching function produces three efficiency peaks. The result: A constant level of efficiency across the entire input voltage range, resulting in higher yields. Other key advantages of HF transformer technology are a compact, lightweight design, and safety as a result of the galvanic isolation.

Output vs. The "Module-Manager" is software integrated into each Fronius IG inverter that optimizes the earnings of your system in each and every situation. The Module-Manager does a first class job and leads to optimal results. The higher current produced by many high-output solar cells are no problem for a Fronius inverter. This is because of the wide input voltage range of Fronius inverters.

Because of this wide input voltage range you can choose from virtually any solar panel array on the market. This feature also ensures the optimal use of the roof space without limiting architectural options. How it works: All power stages are equal. The result is that loads are applied evenly to individual power stages decreasing operating time on any one power stage.

Maximum efficiency under partial load With MIX technology, get the maximum power harvest out of partial load ranges, e. The power stages in Fronius inverters divide up the work depending on operating hours and only operate as many power stages as required to efficiently process available power from the PV array. Unrivaled stability The redundant design means that even if one power stage fails the inverter continues to operate, ensuring yields are achieved.

In the unlikely event a power stage fails the others will continue to operate. Longer service life Depending on the operation hours of each power stage, our inverters decide which power stages run under partial load conditions.

This ensures that the work load is distributed equally between the power stages. The result is reduced operating time of individual power stages which increases the lifespan of the inverter.

Many Fronius inverters are compact and small enough to be installed by one person. All Fronius IG inverters can have more than one power stage. An inverter becomes significantly more efficient with a DC loading of 25 or more percent of the nominal rated output. As solar irradiation wavers and dips in the procession of the day, the Fronius inverter can scale back and run a single power stage. The three stage 12kW inverter can now perform as a 4kW or 8kW inverter.

Hence, we keep the loading on the power stages higher than would otherwise be possible with a single-stage inverter. The central processor evaluates and determines which power stage has the least amount of operation hours, then selects that power stage as the Master.

This is the first power stage to be turned on and will run until the end of the day. The other power stages are the slaves that will turn on and off as needed.

This keeps an equal balance on component wear and extends the overall life of the inverter. This new design provides these inverters with a wider input voltage range of VV. The Vmpp is V- V and the start up voltage is V. When designing your systems, keep this question in mind: 15 years from now, on a hot day, will you still achieve at least Vmpp from the aging modules to produce the needed voltage to stay within the Maximum Power Point range? You can trust Fronius solar know-how Harnessing over 60 years of experience, Fronius inverters are built to be reliable, rugged and last the life of your solar system.

They can withstand the test of time in harsh environments and heavy use. Fronius inverters are are built in an ISO facility and Fronius solar know-how is built into every inverter. They are built to last by a company that has been around long enough to know.


Fronius IG 5100, 5.1kW, 240 VAC Inverter



Fronius IG 5100 Grid-Tie Inverter



Fronius IG-5100 Inverter



Fronius 5100 Watt 240 VAC Grid-Tie Inverter


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