Aufgaben Baue die Schaltung nach der Schaltskizze auf. Wie arbeitet diese Schaltung? Mit dem Anlegen der Betriebsspannung von 5V wird einer der beiden Transistoren durchschalten. Abbildung 7 - In der Schaltung ist ein Weg eingezeichnet, den die negative Ladung nehmen kann. In diesem Fall schaltet Tr1 durch und Tr2 sperrt. Tr1 schaltet durch; das Potential am Punkt A liegt bei ca.

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The ICM is a stable controller capable of producing accurate time delays or frequencies. In the one-shot mode, the pulse width of each circuit is precisely controlled by one external resistor and capacitor. For astable operation as an oscillator, the free-running frequency and the duty cycle are both accurately controlled by two external resistors and one capacitor.

Timing from microseconds through hours? Operates in both astable and monostable modes? Adjustable duty cycle? Typical temperature stability of 0. Low supply current: 80?

A typ? Extremely low trigger, threshold, and reset currents: 20pA typ? High-speed operation: kHz guaranteed? Wide operating supply voltage range guaranteed 3 to 16V over full automotive temperatures? Normal reset function; no crowbarring of supply during output transition? Precision timing? Pulse generation?

Sequential timing? Time delay generation? Pulse width modulation? Pulse position modulation? Missing pulse detector? For this reason it is recommended that no inputs from external sources not operating from the same power supply be applied to the device before its power supply is established.

In multiple systems, the supply of the ICM must be turned on first. The components are defined in Figure 2. The device produces no such transients. See Figure 1. The ICM produces supply current spikes of only mA instead of mA and supply decoupling is normally not necessary.

Thus, for many applications, 2 capacitors can be saved using an ICM Supply Current Transient Compared With a Standard Bipolar During an Output Transition Although the supply current consumed by the ICM device is very low, the total system supply can be high unless the timing components are high impedance. Therefore, high values for R and low values for C in Figures 2 and 3 are recommended. As such, if driving CMOS, the output swing at all supply voltages will equal the supply voltage.

At a supply voltage of 4. However, it is possible to effect economies in the external component count using the ICM Thus, the duty cycle D may be precisely set by the ratio of these two resistors. Since the charge rate and the threshold levels are directly proportional to the supply voltage, the frequency of oscillation is independent of the supply voltage.

This avoids the multiple threshold problems sometimes encountered with slow falling edges in the bipolar devices. Initially, the external capacitor C is held discharged by a transistor inside the timer. This provides the possibility of oscillation frequency modulation in the astable mode, or even inhibition of oscillation, depending on the applied voltage. At all supply voltages it represents an extremely high input impedance.


Icm7555 datasheet на русском

Как известно, это микросхема таймера, выполненная на МОП структурах. Этот тип был выбран из-за маленького потребления тока микросхемой. Если при повторении схемы возникнут трудности с ее приобретением, то можно использовать более распространенные таймеры серии Их отечественным аналогом является микросхема КРВИ1. Частота генерации таймера порядка 40 кГц. Она может быть изменена при настройке при помощи построечного сопротивления Р1.


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