The primary audience for this course is as follows: Network engineers Network managers Systems engineers The primary audience includes individuals who are involved in the technical management of Cisco platforms and solutions, which involves installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting. Network planning and design are covered in other Cisco courses. The goal of the course is to provide students with information and practice activities to prepare them to help design, install, configure, monitor, and conduct basic troubleshooting tasks for a Cisco wireless LAN WLAN in small and medium-size business SMB and enterprise installations. This course provides entry-level information, and it does not specialize in any of the advanced features of the Cisco WLAN network solutions.

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I learned more in the last 7 days than I did studying on my own for the past 6 months. The material was presented in a way that was easy for everyone to understand. He by far had the most knowledge of anyone I have ever met in the subject and I hope to learn more from him in the future. All material provided was revelant to the course and will provide a good source of review at work. Jones US Army The instructor was very informative and held a good pace through the material.

The hands-on material is great. This bootcamp was the best bootcamp I ever attended. I improved my skills tenfold. The prestudy material will help guide me as a reference resource in the future. The lab books provided endless excersises to master the skills being taught in the classroom. The instructor was very knowledgable, fun, helpful, covered all of the material, clearly presented information and shared great ideas on calculating network size, masks, and hosts.

Thank you Infosec for providing me this oppurtunity to learn. Course materials were more than sufficient and were very thorough. I will be using the course materials frequently in the future for reference material.

The coursework covered topics in 10 domains, and he was able to speak intelligently on all of them. Better, his teaching style was relaxed and informal, which lessened the feelings of impending doom about the exam we were about to undertake. He knew exactly which sections of the material to emphasize, when we needed a break, and in many cases was speaking ahead of the slides he knew exactly what was coming up before turning the slides. Rare gem.

Really knew the material, and was adept at communicating in an understandable manner to those without an IT background. Simply superb! One of the best I have had in over 27 years in the IT business.

Genuinely cared about the students understanding the subject material and their success in passing the exam. She taught how to think and reason to pass the test. That is something not found in any text book. He has the perfect combination of knowledge and humor. I learned so much this week and enjoyed every minute of it! His in depth knowledge of the 10 domains in CISSP surpassed my expectations as well as the expectations of my classmates.

His teaching style kept the otherwise dry information very memorable and exciting. He was great in delivering the lectures, lab and was very helpful in having us complete the capture the flag exercises. In addition, he provided valuable insight about security in general and pen testing in particular. I was very pleased with him. Speck Sandra Speck Company Instructor did a fantastic job of delivering a large set of very dense course material cogently to the class.

She obviously had the material down cold and could easily break down elements of the different knowledge domains in clear explanations. The quality of the course materials are perfect. The course materials are great! The attendee must have the ability to configure layer 2 ethernet services as well as layer 3 routing services. In addition to knowledge of Cisco data center formats, the attendee must also be aware of the basic knowledge of fibre channel and storage networking.

This class is not a prerequisite for any other Cisco training course. All Rights Reserved. The Red Hat trademark is used for identification purposes only and is not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by Red Hat, Inc.


Cisco Wireless & Mobility



IUWNE: Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials v2.0 (IUWNE)



Cisco Wireless & Mobility



Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Networking Essentials Training v2.0


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