Mezizilkree interkulturni izazovi globalizacija pdf writer The Social Life of Things: Value, he claims, is the power of creating social relations, based on imagin- ing and recognizing values which exist as transformative potential and human capacity Graeber, Social aspects also concern new management methods and improving the working conditions in the cultural institutions. Secondly, many of the programs, designed to en- courage cross-border contacts and exchanges, contain also an educational element targeting izazofi the European youth: Marvin Gaye, Mercy me Ecology 3: The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: Bearing izazovu mind that indigenous cultures prevailing in natural areas are the basic characteristic of ecotourism, international film festival on village life Zisel, held in Omoljica sincecontributes to the international activity of this protected area. Lipe further elaborated the idea that this resource is not developed, izaovi consumed: Centre of expertise on culture and communities. Cambridge Scholars publishing, pp. Archaeological research on any particular segment of the past is based on a non-renewable resource, and one that is being very rapidly eroded.

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Thou- sand Oaks, Interkultturni Publications. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Bearing in mind that indigenous cultures prevailing in natural areas are the basic characteristic of ecotourism, international film festival on village life Zisel, held in Omoljica sincecontributes to the international activity of this protected area.

It is viewed as a guiding document for cultural policies and a contribution to the cultural development of humanity Indeed the national government had a very significant role in cultural policies during these last decades, especially izazvi to other countries where the private sector is predominant.

A reflection on the theme of culture and sustainable development began to emerge starting in the s. In the UN Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment brought the concept of sustainability to the international arena. The study of place management and governance of Nature Park Ponjavica Serbia 1 Village Omoljica is founded in the 18th century.

Even more, the creation of a unique image of a place its branding could be beneficial for the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in different sec- tors of the local economy such as crafts, catering and hospitality, architecture, construction, fashion design, tourism and others. The list below includes only those which are directly related to cultural heritage and envi- ronment of European cities, without more specific educational and research programs: However, this analysis can lead to demonstrate that there is no need for a specific Ministry of culture and no need for financial support in favor of arts and culture.

Other research preoccupations are oriented to traditional food products, educational marketing and, nevertheless volunteer marketing. Council of Europe Publishing Dorsey, El. Integral, however, to the issue of policy making is the debate about devel- opment and sustainability.

Conclusions Commercial archaeology has been described as an economic canary Schlangerconsidered vulnerable to rapid changes and one of the first sectors to suffer the impacts of economic crisis.

Nev- ertheless, the relationship between culture and sustainable development also presents a number of ambiguities Auclair Applied archaeological practice in the countries that joined the European Union in andincluding ten cen- tral European states, has been partly cushioned by European Union structural funding investment in infrastructure projects which have led to significant amounts of archaeological work Aitchison b: Therefore, there seems to be a kind of mismatch between the representations among the culture sector and those among the sustainable development sector.

We are living through the second wave of historical globalisation where the world has become a strange mixture of languages, ideologies and cultural forms. This reorientation of scientific interest in the city as a space of identity, relationships and memory was asso- ciated with the trend of European cities to turn into autonomous actors in the global marketplace of goods, services, finances and people, but also — of infor- mation, cultural and social capitals.

The project aims to marry the tangible monumental heritage of this site with its intangible associative elements represented in the ideas that were directly or indirectly generated by it. Ameri- can Anthropologist 94 4pp. While one of the aims of this convention was to withdraw arts and culture from market oriented activities within the WTO debates12 — as well as to pro- tect French speaking cultural industries13 — the article 13 explicitly encourages States to integrate culture in their sustainable development policies.

The Urban Society Five years ago the UN statistics announced the fact that the urban popu- lation makes the majority of the world. Odsvirao sam je Miku i pesma mu se svidela. Finally, the third phenomenon is viewed as a public sector institutional organized oblivion of the rural cultural tradition, embodied in the tangible and intangible village cultural heritage, which glohalizacije still awaiting an op- portunity to influence the formation glovalizacije collective and individual identities.

Euromed Heritage 4 http: Other economic problems are linked to recent laws dealing with the institutional and financial framework concerning local governments4, and more reforms are planned in the coming years. Unified actions of the state and local governments, as well as individuals and groups at the local level, should be interwoven throughout all stages of the development of destinations and products — from resources mapping, through products creating, promotion, sales and use of revenues.

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