Full Description This Recommendation International Standard defines the OSI Network Service in terms of: a the primitive actions and events of the Service; b the parameters associated with each primitive action and event, and the form which they take; c the interrelationship between, and the valid sequences of, these actions and events. The principal objectives of this Recommendation International Standard are: 1 To specify the characteristics of a conceptual Network Service and thus, supplement the Reference Model in guiding the development of Network Layer protocols. Such concatenation may involve optional additional functions which are not defined in this Recommendation International Standard. A definition of the quality of service is an important element of this Recommendation International Standard. This Recommendation International Standard does not specify individual implementations or products nor does it constrain the implementation of entities and interfaces within a system.

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This encompasses Hewlett — Packard sites throughout the world. Code numbers through are reserved. Space used as separator within the coding scheme of the organization name and between the organization code and the organization name.

The number has world wide recognition as a means of identifying businesses and institutions. These addresses will uniquely identify systems within DBCN and to the outside world. None- all fields are left justified Character Repertoire: Any Italian company or organization intending for the registration of Object Identifiers according to ISO Notes on use of the code: Information oec — Open systems interconnection — Transport service definition.

Between 1 — 14 characters letters, digits and hyphens only. There are no check digits. None, except all fields left justified. This network encompassed companies and organizations throughout the world. Bell Atlantic N.

Mrs Elizabeth Isoo Tel: The Class is a field which indicates the general category of object such as the identified organization, network element or application services. Digital Equipment Europe S. March Additional comments: A two digit prefix will be added in the future but it will not be used to calculate the check digit. Information technology — Telecommunications and information exchange between systems — Iev system to Intermediate system intra-domain routeing information exchange protocol for use in conjunction with the protocol for providing the connectionless-mode Network Service ISO Reference to this organization identifier iiec other business transactions is also possible, provided the organizations concerned are registered as members of the coding system.

General Directorates of the European Commission. It supports organization parts Organization Identifier reuse: NSAP address detailed document on structure can be supplied on request No check digit. Any organization requiring an international country-independant NSAP numbering space Notes on use of the code: No check digits are used in the code. Single group of 10 digits.

IATA will assign a sub value to any company or organisations that participates in aeronautical telecommunications networks. An up-to-date list may also be acquired by contacting the registration authority. International commercial organization with 30 large and 40 small plants, in a total of 25 different countries. Specific object and attribute naming conventions are currently being defined. Four numeric digits None. This program encompasses organizations throughout the world.

The 14 figure code number is written in 3 groups of 3 characters and a single group of 5. Association for Font Information Interchange: The code serves the addressing between the communicating partners. Related Articles.


ISO/IEC 8348:1996

None — all fields are left justified Description of organizations covered by the coding system: The format of the code is: ICD Code- 4 digits Organization code — up to 14 characters Organization name — up to characters No check digits needed. Any company or organization that is part of the Alcatel-Alsthom group. Publicly Available Standards May Additional comments: Clear text encoding — Amendment 1: The unit may have an international destination. Reference to this organization identification code in other business transactions is also allowed Structure of code: These fields shall be separated by any non-alphabetic, non-numeric, printable IA5 character. The components of this structure are the following:.


ISO/IEC 8348:1996

June 97 Additional comments: Manufacturers who supply materials for incorporation into the products of manufacturers who provide drawings of these products. Such customers and organizations include; domestic and foreign companies, state entities, and standards groups. January Additional comments: General Directorates iecc the European Commission Notes on use of the code: This program encompasses companies and organizations worldwide. Nokia Corporation Research Centre P. Information technology — Computer graphics — Metafile for the storage and transfer of picture description information — Part 2: Networks using Mitel terminal or switching equipment Notes on use of the code: Functional specification — Amendment 2: All persons registered in Sweden for tax purposes. Swiss non-banking institutions Notes on use of the code: European Computer Manufacturers Association: This code consists of: Within the NATO Codification System the term Manufacturer covers the whole range of possible sources of technical data for items entering the supply chains or participating countries. The Sirene number is used in France mainly for the official registration in the Trade Register and as the only number used between authorities jec organizations, and between authorities when dealing with data interchange on organizations.


Information Security Risk Management

Upper and lower case only Description of organizations covered by the coding system: To facilitate user consultation, the BN is displayed as three lec, separated by a space. All organizations in Finland included juridical persons and associations Notes on use of the code: Characters are digits or capital letter. April Additional comments: It is possible to add characters set to the code for more detailed use of one organization. This code ied to assist in uniquely identifiying data network node addresses in an international supporting network for financial applications.

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