She joined the Church of Scientology , becoming a high-ranking lieutenant in the Sea Org , [8] [9] [10] but later became disillusioned and formally left the movement in Another obstacle was the fact that Bornstein was attracted to women. She had sex reassignment surgery in Bornstein settled into the lesbian community in San Francisco, and wrote art reviews for the gay and lesbian paper The Bay Area Reporter.

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Here I cover some of the changes in the new version as well as provide an introduction of what this book is about for those who have not yet read it and why I love it still my most-recommended book about gender, on this site and off. As for the book itself, so much is new and improved!

More about sexuality - including asexuality! I had not been out about my gender in any capacity for long and I was still unsure of whether I was going about anything in the right way - transitioning, name changes if any , coming out, and so on.

I just knew I needed to have it on hand, online or off, for those moments of personal doubt, or when showing others this essential stepping stone to personal comfort. The book is packed with quizzes in a kind of teen magazine style if teen magazines were a little, er, more overtly postmodern in their approach , all about gender and, not infrequently, its relationship to other facets of identity that all inform one another: race, age, class, looks, mental health, family and reproductive status, language, habitat, citizenship, religion, sexuality, political ideology, and humanity.

Bornstein writes in an accessible way about these topics that are typically difficult to wrench away from theoretical academic babble. Bornstein uses a treasure map graphic and theme to guide the reader to answer of that ever-elusive tiger of a question: what is gender? Amid theory, humor, and quizzes, there are also exercises to help the reader explore gender and other facets of identity on their own.

I feel lucky to have encountered it just as I was exploring both theoretical and practical topics around gender more, but I wish I had known it existed years ago and that I had found it when I was first confused about all of this. The good news is that it is absolutely never too late to acquire freeing ideas about gender, how to express yourself, and about the world at large.

This book is a great place to start.


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Kate Bornstein


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