About this book Introduction This revised and updated edition of the well-received book by C. Klingshirn provides an introduction to and an overview of all aspects of semiconductor optics, from IR to visible and UV. It has been split into two volumes and rearranged to offer a clearer structure of the course content. Inserts on important experimental techniques as well as sections on topical research have been added to support research-oriented teaching and learning. Volume 1 provides an introduction to the linear optical properties of semiconductors. The mathematical treatment has been kept as elementary as possible to allow an intuitive approach to the understanding of results of semiconductor spectroscopy.

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After the? They contained only rather limited updates of the material and corrections. In the meantime scienti? This progress includes bulk se- conductors, but especially structures of reduced dimensionality. These new trends and results are partly included in existing chapters e.

We based the description of the optical properties againon the simple and intuitively clear model ofthe Lorentz-oscillatorsandthe concept of polaritons asthequantaoflightinmatter.

Butsincethereispresentlyatrendtodescribe at least the optical properties of the electronic system of semiconductors by the optical or the semiconductor Bloch equations, a chapter has been added on this topic written by Prof. Baltz Karlsruhe to familiarize the reader with this concept, too, which needs a bit more quantum mechanics compared the approach used here.

The chapter on group theory has been revised by Prof. Klingshirn September Preface to the First Edition One of the most prominent senses of many animals and, of course, of human beingsissightorvision. Reviews From the reviews of the second edition: "The optical properties of semiconductors are currently the subject of many fundamental and applied works.

It needs to be present on the desk of students, teachers and researchers in the field.


Semiconductor Optics

Gusar Semiconductor Optics Mathematics is kept as elementary as possible, enough for an intuitive understanding of the experimental results and techniques treated. Wegener, VG Lyssenko, C. Semiconductor Optics Springer Study Edition. The discussion about the density, at which an electron-holeplasma is formed, has been up-dated, in the klkngshirn about photonic crystals a few comments on meta-materials have been added, several new and timely references have been included and some of the misprints have been removed. Selected pages Title Page.


Semiconductor Optics 1


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