High confidence coupled with the late night environment, Krauser flirted her out with his funny side of life, managed to get her number and went with her back home. He dated the beautiful woman for six years before proposing to her and she accepted becoming his wife. Krauser looking back says his great confidence at the time and strong masculinity looks landed him the most gorgeous woman he has ever met. He later divorced with his wife which left him feeling empty, sad and depressed.

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Well worth a crack. Like many other cultural icons — James Bond, Conan the Barbarian, Dogtanian [1] for example — the popular image of the man is at variance with how he is written in the original stories.

He also had different priorities. He played the whole lover-provider range. To call yourself a player when paying for sex is like calling yourself a comedian while paying everyone in the audience to laugh at your jokes. No winning. Casanova clearly took pride in his real seductions, and the books include many of them.

He was shameless about it. In one case in France, he sets up a silks factory and hires two dozen young seamstresses, then proceeds to hit on every one of them, offering money for sex. The memoirs include rapes, prostitution, sugar-daddying, and extortion as means of getting laid in addition to the usual seduction. The Claw, yesterday 2. Smart men had his number. It took a while for me to figure this out, but as the books wore on I started to see a pattern emerge.

Casanova would arrive in a town and ingratiate himself into a series of social circles, often with a particular woman in mind. In itself, no big deal. Until, that is, I realised his enemies were usually high-ranking army men with careers in soldiering, or successful business men. It was wolves recognising a rabbit in their midst. Casanova is frequently run out of town by men who, to him, seem to persecute him without provocation.

In volume six he arrives in Switzerland and is temporarily forced to restrain himself and not hit on women for a week. Other times his reputation precedes him, for good and ill. Sexually transmitted diseases were a huge risk Casanova is frequently sidelined by illness, sometimes taking painful mercury and nitrate cures to clear up venereal diseases, and out of action for months at a time.

He pulls it out and notices its stains. She flees. Another intrigue is centred around him getting the pox from a vengeful Madame F. Knee-Clap was endemic 4. He was ruled by his urges. Casanova was an inveterate gambler in addition to his lustful wanderings. Casanova is an inconstant. He will fall in love with a girl and contemplate marriage. The old flame is simple forgotten. The last story of volume six concerns a mistaken identity with a nun.

The thirty-five year old Casanova is walking home one afternoon when he sees a young nun 21yr old chaperoned by an old battleaxe nun. An intrigue ensues. In order to deflect the battleaxe, the young nun who is hiding a pregnancy inflicted by a fifty-year old hunchback conspires with the peasant landlady to give the older woman a sleeping soporific.

They overdo it and the battleaxe has been asleep for 28 hours. Casanova consults with them and they decide not to call a doctor, as it would reveal the pregnancy and the intrigue. So, they let her die and pay off the parish priest to get her buried without incident.

Years earlier Casanova ambushed a man walking home late one night, clubbed him with a blackjack, and threw him unconscious into a canal. The poor victim was only saved by revellers who saw him floating.

There are other such events. Casanova appears to have had no scruples at all. Degenerates seek him out. So, Casanova consults an aristocratic lady friend who recommends a local midwife abortionist. Social pressure is immense, so they have a plan to go to a masquerade ball together then slip out, take a coach, and consult the midwife. Months later, Casanova is walking in a park when the midwife recognises him.

She reports him the the Chief of Police saying he tried to procure an abortion and she refused. So Casanova is about to be prosecuted. What follows is a comedy of betrayal, pay-offs, and dissembly as literally everyone is trying to scam everyone else. Another time, in volume six, Casanova shows up in town and is immediately targeted by three officers who slip him roofies, take him for a fortune in an illicit gambling den, steal his jewellery, and then pursue him through the local courts for payment.

In other towns he always seems to know the card sharps, pimps, abortionists, con-men, and other low-life. This despite him being rich and supposedly moving in high circles. Logistics were a nightmare. Frankly, it sounds like a nightmare. We should be thankful for smartphones and urban anonymity. Casanova was considered a good amateur swordsman and several times he fights duels to first blood.

Hey, great shirt pal. Cool story, bro. Seeing Casanova duelling with pointy blades is a reminder of just how faggy modern PUA is, as an expression of how faggy modern nightclubs and dating can be.

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April 6, krauserpua By now, we are well aware that people most opposed to Donald Trump are…. Remember all of those Republicans rioting in the streets after Obama won election in ? No, me neither. Unbelievable, really. The levels of reeeeeeeee are off the charts. None of them are capable of discussing policy differences, like they might have done when arguing between Nixon and Kennedy, or Brown vs Cameron. The Left.


Krauser Pua


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