Use the right output connector for mono output. If no connection is made at the right output, the left output can be used to drive headphones at modest volume. Use the right input for mono sources. Can be used as direct input for guitar.

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To enter this mode, press and hold Bypass for approxi- mately 2 seconds. The adjustable parameters available in this mode are shown in the chart on the following page. Page Program Descriptions The programs in the MPX are designed to provide a full palette of high caliber ambience, reverb, delay, pitch shift and other effects.

As you audition the pro- grams, be sure to vary the Adjust knob. The Adjust knob has been carefully cus- tomized for each individual program. Page Single Programs — making sounds broadcast through the plate seem to be occurring in a large open space. This pro- gram works well on percussion — particu- larly on snare and toms, but be sure to experiment with other sound sources as well.

Adjust The clean reverberation of the Hall pro- Decay — gram is designed to add spaciousness, while Decay — Page 24 Chamber useful Liveness Eko Delay on a wide range of material.

It is especially useful on spoken voice, giving a noticeable increase in loudness with very low color. Adjust Wall Reflections — The syn- chronization of the left and right sides can be adjusted to produce mono and stereo ef- fects. The in- put signal is split into high and low frequency bands. The rotation effect is created by a synchronized combination of pitch shifting, tremolo and panning. The first tap is fixed, and the second sweeps past it.

Mixing the two delay taps together creates the flanging effect. Page 31 Inversion — Pitch The stereo polyphonic Pitch program in the MPX allows complete program ma- terial or monophonic sources to be shifted down two octaves or up one octave.

For pitch correction, use this algorithm with Mix set to fully Wet. For harmonization, As more detune amount is applied Detuning — with Adjust , the pair grow more out of tune, Detuning — Each of the 16 variations can be used for digital delay or tape echo effects. When Adjust is turned past its center postion to the right, tape echo effects are produced.

Four routing configurations are used in In the cascade variations, rather than simply controlling balance, the knob varies the amount of the first effect or dry signal which is fed into the second effect. At center, you get delayed pitch shift This setting provides pitch


LEXICON MPX 1 - REV 1 User Manual



Lexicon MPX 100 User Manual


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