A new series featuring this version of Lobo debuted in October [11] [12] and was scheduled to be canceled with its December issue. Death from the stings is very slow. Suicide Squad Justice League of America. When he kimiks his contract by bringing her to Vril Dox, he then immediately kills her by snapping her neck.

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They succeed in defeating the alien and The Mask tells Lobo, this is not the person they are after, but the alien has told The Mask where to find their mark. The two of them head to another planet to rearm themselves. At the armament station, they find a massive gun and use it to blow up a planet, which starts a chain reaction, destroying other nearby planets as well.

With his usual violent panache, Lobo makes mincemeat of all his foes. Finally, Lobo wises up and removes The Mask from the small-time thief who is wearing it. Lobo makes the mistake of wearing The Mask and an extended scene of violence ensues, at the end of which, Lobo flies through a black hole. He wakes up in an alley in Manhattan , and hungover, removes the mask, tossing it among the litter in the alley.

As he is flying away on his spacehog, Lobo passes himself, also flying on his spacehog. To cash in on the bounty, Lobo tricks his past self into coming with him to the planet that offered him the job in the first place. Notes This is a crossover with Dark Horse Comics.


Lobo/Mask Vol 1 2

Main article: L. Lobo acts as an independent bounty hunter until tricked by Vril Dox into nominally joining his interstellar police force, L. However, he continues solo activity, which seems to often bring him to Earth and in conflict with its heroes. Or, as in one case, base indifference. After this, Lobo becomes a full-time bounty hunter again.


Lobo (postać)

I came up with him as an indictment of the PunisherWolverine hero prototype, and somehow he caught on as the high violence poster boy. Lobo 1 — Comics by comiXology: Web UK In 52he again regenerated from a pool of blood, but no clones were ko,iks so he no longer appears to retain this ability. He has however shown in all their meetings, to be a match in strength for Etrigan the Demon. It is not fully known the extent to which his powers are common for his race or unique to him.

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