History[ edit ] Although little is known of the provenance of the Magnus liber organi, it is considered most likely to have originated in Paris, and is known today by only a few surviving manuscripts and fragments, although there are records of at least seventeen lost versions. Today its contents can be inferred from the 3 surviving major manuscripts. The most complete is commonly known as F I-Fl Pluteo A handful of surviving manuscripts demonstrate the evolution of polyphonic elaboration of the liturgical plainchant that was used at the cathedral every day throughout the year. While the concept of combining voices in harmony to enrich plainsong chant, was not new, there lacked the musical theory to enable the rational construction of such pieces. One voice sang the notes of the Gregorian chant elongated to enormous length called the tenor, which comes from the Latin for "to hold" ; this voice, known as the vox principalis, held the chant, although the words were obscured by the length of notes.

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Herein at last is the Magnum Organum - not the ancient instrument of Perception or the modem organ of Knowledge, but the Perennial Wisdom newly Minted and Dispensed. With all such scattered "arcanum" now gathered for our convenience on the central new age floor of comparison-shopping, the sense distilled most strongly is that of the real redundance with which these tired volumes speak - the iteration in innumerable translations and redactions and meticulous incunabula, of "wisdom" drawn from the same few sources whether nominally Theravada or Mahayana, the Kankala-malini-Tantra or Mahaprajna-paramitopadesa of secrets whispered, tomb-robbed and fancifully embroidered till generational erosion degrades the imprint of the original to a garbled "Keys of Enoch" eidolon from which all "Black Pullets" and dark grimoires may be scrawled in general information-loss of the scratchy candle-lit quill, trailing mimetic marks just near-enough the abraded godnames for suitable evocation of dross conceived in the very verbal abortions of the dim transcription itself.

So wherefore the "perennial wisdom", MT? To which MT has a two-fold reply It merely requires contemporary initiated intelligence to sift the Superior from what otherwise would remain confused with the fools-gold inferior. Indeed, then, not only are such incorruptible Truths, Spiritual Premises and Principles preserved in whatever ad hoc container, and forwarded for the edification of any given "now"; the Living Source and Chiron-tutors of the Terrestrial dispensation having given those Teachings originally remain with us, right up to the End, perhaps a different - though sometimes, as in the present case, the self-same - Personality expression but the identical Essence nonetheless carrying forward as Office-holder in one of the three Hierarchic categories of Tikkun, or Restoration: Manu, Bodhisattva and Mahachohan.

Thus if anything, certain such survivalist expressions of the Wisdom Teachings require far-deeper respect and redoubled regard than is presently accorded them; and those most awakened in spirit to the special task of faithfully reconstituting their remnant hieroglyphs as R. Schwaller and Isha DeLubitz or Edward Johnson, for instance are far more deserving of study and attention than their conventional counterparts confecting the inevitable "official" truth that buries even deeper in the desert sands whatever wisdom might accidentally be excavated.

Wait, MT, hold on a minute! Who was the last "Rajafalafel of Rajistan" to come through these parts? Aside from a few very general words about the Mahachohan in the Bailey material and the probable willingness of a multitude of theosophists to dispute this present claim , nothing really arises to succinctly characterize what the Mahachohan is nor should be, or how to distinguish him from any Mahatma-Khan-Jeeves or random maricon meandering down the street any given day Nothing substitutes for personal discrimination, the cultivated exercise of intelligence and intuitive sensitivity.

The means both of identifying the quality of the material and the presence of the Mahachohan rests as always with that inbuilt potential possessed through faculties of everyone born to the Mother.

By way of example Therefore such Presence is always a Test, not the doorprize in a giveaway show. There is a sign, a legitimate way to know, and to be sure; and the true spiritual master is never willfully parsimonious about the bestowal of such sign. But the religious expectation, the anticipated or officially-approved sign is not the sign. Though the term "humility" is the least fashionable of any human term, nonetheless the first-line gift for the kind of insight able to deliver such accurate Recognition depends - more than anyone would like to concede - upon that Grace of the truly humble who without self-serving show may make a deep self-admission down past jealousy or rage, envy or resentment at the perceived power of the Master to Show as none other can Show, and Tell as none-other can Tell.

For, after all, in this mudhut schoolhouse of Earthburg, Show-and-Tell is the deepest game that can be played, for which the "Confessional" of the catholic cloister is the nearest religiously-mangled approximation.

This is the sought-for face of the "humble" as opposed to the thousand-and-one Eddie-Haskell counterfeits dramatized daily in the theatrical sandlot of this place. Ingress to the characteristic Confessional obliged upon adepts, masters and avatars of this domain on the other hand, may be located in the kind of humility alluded to by Meher Baba when making his admission-to-the-world as to his authentic avatarship. This sort of humbleness is not understandable at all to those for whom "confession" of avatarship automatically, inevitably and necessarily signals ego-aggrandizement - this, of course, owing to the fact that in the projective case of themselves such confession could only be ego-aggrandizement.

Yet this is something which must be Seen, inwardly determined by the potential spiritual aspirant to the degree the Great inner Organ of Knowing may be consulted at its current level of free Admission.

All right. The last manifestation of the Mahachohan appeared in Elizabethan times, as Francis Bacon. Theodore Rojack in particular takes exception to Bacon as being, perhaps, the most "pernicious" influence amongst all the acknowledged renaissance luminaries.

How does all this square with the apparently antithetical character of his Novum Organum, Great Instauration etc.? In answer, we must assume an uncommon or esoteric overview.

We must understand the renaissance for what it was, and what it meant in larger spiritual terms as an expression of a particular cross-roads juncture in Earth-conscious development.

We may say that, by Overview, it was the determined "commission" of the Spiritual Hierarchy "Great White Brotherhood" etc. At the same time, the Brotherhood was not uncognizant of the kinds of purely "materialist" focus and analytic concentration such emphasis would engender; as with every great Spiritual Move, the inevitable "negative" side-effects were calculated into the overall account as a kind of advised "risk" presumably subsumed to the larger Aim of quickening the corruptive and disintegrating influences coded in any case into the last cyclic Stage of the Kali Yuga the final and most negative of the four great spiritual cycles so as to hasten the general conscious-alchemical process of Solve.

Therefore the Brotherhood sent its Mahachohan to produce this two-fold effect in the world, at the critical juncture of the Renaissance. What we "see" of Bacon officially, is not as a consequence all there is to see. If we could understand that what we see of him in Novum Organum is but a facet of bis overall work and being and that, not necessarily appreciated or understood for what it is regardless the admitted scope of its influence and, that there are other equally-as-powerful and fateful influences flowing directly from his presence not conventionally ascribed to him or associated with him, we might come more easily to see how Bacon fulfills the truly spiritual dimension indispensable to any characterization of the "Mahachohan".

What if this allegedly "objective", detached proto-scientific type were juxtaposed against the universally acknowledged heart and monumental humanity of a "William Shakespeare"? Even more emphatically than the Warren Commission failed to "prove" its lone-gunman thesis, so the Stratfordians, it will be found in any fair review of the respective documents, never came close to disproving the Baconian thesis - on the other hand, the Baconians and in particular through the prolific work of Edward Johnson have definitively proven already beyond the shadow of any reasonable or unreasonable doubt, not only that the actor "Shakespere" could never have written the plays but that Bacon necessarily had to, and moreover left ample encrypted evidence to prove it!

All the Stratfordians ever did, is selectively nibble at "weaker" points of the con argument re Shakespeare, and never substantially addressed, attacked or disproved the self-evident Baconian ciphers found all over the "Shakespere" manuscripts except to resort to ludicrous ad hominem arguments which are the substantial source of all present misperceptions about Bacon himself i.

Think not? The remaining internal letters r d a v also have deep meaning discussed more fully in The Mother Book. This then gives the readership a brief depiction of a former manifestation of the Mahachohan see excerpt from introduction to The Mother Book, this volume, for more on past historical expressions of the self same single Personality of the Mahachohan; and see The Mother Book itself for an extensive examination of all these historical personalities and their hidden interrelationships as well as an exposition of a known spiritual text which proves their collective Identity through a Magickal manipulation of Time Itself.

Therefore we offer this Magnum Organum as present Teaching of the Mahachohan. In other words, to extract the precious essence of a real Teaching, the veritable Pearl of Great Price, requires Work, just as one must pry the lid of an oyster if one would extract its nacreous core. But wait again, MT!

If it looks like it is too much work, something is telling you it is not the way. These are the same Pleiadeans who without MT specifically in mind, of course - how could we dare presume such self glorifying focus of celestial attention! Well, we recommend you question any ostensibly celestial or "higher dimensional" source which has no account of "absolute" in its highflying corpus at all, for which in fact "absolute" is such anathema; for these are those same who absolutize relativism inferentially in the same manner as Bashar, and to the same self contradictory effect see Bashar book review, this volume.

These are those for whom "over definition" apparently has some meaning, whereas "absolute" apparently has none. This does not, however, prevent them from pontificating at one point: "You have come here to hold new frequencies being beamed to you from space As you begin to know that this is your purpose, you will begin to design your purpose consciously This is an absolute.

This is a very specific and tendentious mandate of a contingent type from an interestingly manipulative source. Yet every significant Teaching of a truly higher Order or density degree above 3rd pivots its philosophy around a deep and necessary understanding - even practical apprehension - of Absolute. There is a certain credibility and a certain sensationalism in the way we present data. However, a story that we tell you at one point is certainly not the only story; it is not the end, and it is never the only truth.

It is only one fragmentation, one small portion of the bigger picture. Rather, then, than committing to the precise definition of first principles which ought to be the primary and overriding concern of any spiritual teaching or metaphysical philosophy at all, the Pleiadeans prefer to shadow dance us along with admittedly shifting "stories". Yet, this seems to be exactly how the "Pleiadeans" want it.

Do you see how the New Age is separated? All kinds of things are said to keep you from discovering what you have in common" p. Or is it just that they share an endearing trait in commonality with 3rd stage humankind, and will wantonly quote anyone or anything at all having a kind word for them despite what they otherwise know about said source? In any case, the reader should understand right here, before Entering the Sanctum Sanctorum at all, that by studying very precisely defined first principles he will come to activate and unfold precisely those universal truths to which they correspond; whereas by heeding self admitted stories spun by invisible Sky narration he can only lurch blindly along by the nosering wherever the "stories" lead.

Now, you can "take a stance" and decide on the basis of nothing-much just which source is "telling the truth" and thus, which source is inferentially the "good guy". But this has nothing whatever to do with spiritual development. Both stories may be "true" in their contexts! Each source approaches from a slightly variable - or greatly variable - probability-current.

From the perspective of any given outside source, "we" may have "gotten here" and presently inhabit circumstances according to the specific probability field by which that source is remotely connected to us. Thus while each may "perceive" the same basic condition or "fact" as the other e. Edgar Cayce saw the "destruction of Atlantis" as self-induced; the Andromedans as reported in Col. Both perceive the bare "event", the "destruction of Atlantis". Yet each perceives and thus interprets from a variant spiritual-cosmic "perspective".

That perspective has to do with the varying density-degree of the given sources, the relative position both in time-space and space-time mediated by each etc. This effect can be understood on the basis of first principles, in this way. The events themselves must come to pass according to the type and quality of configuration; but the determinative content surrounding, feeding into and concretely constituting those events are variable just as the exact meaning of Jupiter-square-Neptune may discharge in several probable ways and only arises as a specific complex of factors in the relative context " I " experience.

In the same way the "sinking of Atlantis" or the "Earth energy-screen" may be considered a "necessary scheduled event"; but a number of probable outriders issue from the raw potential of any such event Those probabilities will "materialize" in their own separate contexts according to the coordinative streams that connect the percipient to the event.

Thus in one context the spiritual learning requirement signified by the scheduled presence of an "Earth energy-screen" may come about as the apparent result of spiritual determinations issuing from a positive "Confederacy"; in another context, according to the luminous self-linkups of probability networks the requirement might be fulfilled through nefarious designs of some Negative machination. In either case the "requirement" is fulfilled, yet each probable event carries its own stress, implications, net of consequences and probable-projections in turn.

Thus the "acceptance" of any given "story" of any given source as of primary importance regarding "your" origins, the facts and meanings of "your" present condition etc.

Acceptance of any such story and a concomitant unacquaintance with first principles inexorably links one to the probability-cords characterizing the specific circumstances of the beguiling storyteller. Though you may not have begun on that probability-curve, you wind up shunted onto it!

And from what probability-perspective do the "Pleiadeans" weave their enrapturing stories for Earth-edification? Why, those who counsel us as to the negatively-designed presence of the Earth energy-net come from a self-admitted future probability where the evil Reptilians have taken over the planet entirely, and the whole rest of the known universe on top of it! Yet "enough of Because". BAShR i. In the time-honored tradition especially at those junctures of spiritual renewal and the founding of New Dispensations we employ Prophetic Criticism of the prevailing World-view as inspirational point-of-departure whereby to introduce the Major Positive Key of the Spiritual Philosophy itself.

The following section, Mother-current Transmissions, advances the demonstration by way of revealing the demonstrable Way of Initiation, and of the initiate. Fortunately, mankind has for its Attorney the greatest Lawyer the world has ever known.


By forms and formal causes, Bacon means the universal laws of nature. Magnus Liber — Wikipedia Originally intending Instauratio magna to contain six parts of which Novum organum constituted the secondBacon did not come close to completing this series, as parts V and VI were never written at all. The aim of this final table is to eliminate certain instances of heat which might be organym to be the form of heat, and thus get closer to an approximation of the true form of heat. It is likely that Bacon intended them to be included in later parts of Instauratio magna and simply never got to writing about them. For everyone has besides vagaries of human nature in general his own special cave or den which scatters orgwnum discolours the light of nature. Indeed, the hypothesis that is derived from this eliminative induction, which Bacon names The First Vintageis only the starting point from which additional empirical evidence and experimental analysis can refine organuk conception of a formal cause. In many of his aphorisms, Bacon reiterates the importance of inductive reasoning.





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