He started writing articles and stories since he was a student of Class 9. Gradually he became involved in journalism. He continued his studies with the activities of a journalist. He passed MS in economics. Now he is the editor of The Daily Sangram.

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We come to think about his past in the primary book of the arrangement. He once had a family. He used to live with them in Sinkiang, a territory of China. As they were Muslims, they were assaulted by China Military. Numerous individuals passed on in there and numerous individuals fled out of Sinkiang. Be that as it may, numerous individuals including his folks, sibling passed on in transit. At first, they chose to cross the fringe of China and go to Tibet.

In any case, they found that the Tibetan outskirt is fixed. So they chose to go to Afghanistan crossing Himalaya. When they crossed the ice-secured Himalaya, just people of them were alive among the fifty-thousand individuals. At that point we are acquainted with his new character: he is the most examined individual and the cerebral pain of the imperialistic power, the focal pearl of Saimum, an association working for mistreated individuals and against the imperialistic power.

He is likewise a minister of Islam, the religion of harmony. He has confidence in Allah more than any other individual and does his best to perform the responsibility that Allah gave us.

Some of the time he changes his life so as to carry out his responsibility. Some of his great contributions are: He and Saimum were in charge of the autonomy of Palestine from Israel. He ceased an incredible trick of wiping out Muslims from Mindanao, a little island close the Philippine. He was in charge of the autonomy of another nation in Central-Asia. He went to the Caucasus to stop Muslims from being murdered by a Christian psychological militant gathering.

He went to France to stop Muslim Structures from being devastated. He uncovered an extraordinary intrigue of wiping out Muslims from Africa. He went to Russia to stop an incredible scheme identified with Czar. He uncovered an incredible intrigue of Arial Sharon, the coordinator of a mystery fear based oppressor association in the USA.

At that point, he unraveled the riddle of obliterating the World Trade Center. He halted intrigue of wiping out Muslims from Surinam, a nation of South America. He went to Andaman, a little island of India to spare Muslims from being devastated. He likewise went to Thailand, Armenia, Germany, Polynesian Islands to spare the abused individuals and he is as yet working for them.

He was at first drawn into Fatima Farhana, yet she kicked the bucket by shooting. At that point, he was hitched to Maily Guly, who additionally kicked the bucket by shooting to spare Ahmad Musa from being murdered. At that point, he was hitched to Maria Josephine, a beneficiary to the French Luis family.

They had a youngster named Ahmad Abdullah. Bangla pdf is so difficult to find out. And also the view experience of pdf is matter. Download: Different site gives download authorization however those connection is not working.

So in this article you likewise get the working download connect. In the event that you get any issue in downloading, at that point leave a remark howl.


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