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Each participant had a different attitude, thought process, behaviour and lifestyle but required the ability to survive individually as well as a cooperative team member in order to carry on the game and come out as the winner. Gradually, each housemate was evicted from the palace and the last contestant remaining was Shila. As part of the win, she received Tk 10, The winner talks after her return from the reality show.

What was the experience like? Shila: Amazing! I screamed and everyone around me screamed as well! Interesting incidents… Shila: There were so many. Like there was this tabiz amulet , which only one person would get and a parrot was to decide who gets it.

The bird picked up my name. Waking up every morning during the show was unusual. We had to get up at the vibrating sound of the alarm early morning. On the whole it was a disciplined 21 days. Was it a tough three weeks? We were completely isolated. Nobody spoke to us — the directors or even the organisers. Only there was this cook who brought our meals and we could ask for tea and such, but that was it. We could only talk to other contestants. It was like living in a fancy prison.

And there were times I wanted to quit the game and come back. Has life changed since you returned? And now I am back to shooting, back to work. What are you working on now? Posted by Admin at.


Uttaradhikar Magazine by Bangla Academy - Manik Bandapadhyay Edition

Today, we are in an era of reality television, a place where fiction meets reality. These reality shows not only provide the audience with live unedited, unplanned and unscripted conversations and actions, but in many cases allow viewers to participate in the shows. Following in the footsteps of the international television scenario, Bangladesh has decided to catch up with this new trend. The first reality show, "Uttaradhikar", has arrived on the scene -- much to the delight of the audience -- and looks like it is here to stay. Each participant has a different attitude, thought process, behaviour and lifestyle but requires the ability to survive individually as well as a cooperative team member in order to carry on the game and come out as the winner.


[उत्तराधिकार प्रमाण पत्र] UP Varasat Praman Patra Online कैसे बनवाएं?

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Hindu Succession Act 1956 in Hindi - हिन्दू उत्तराधिकार अधिनियम 1956


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