How do I know my ad has been placed? Once the ad is printed we will share the soft copy of the newspaper within 2 working days and hard copy within 15 working days from the date of execution. Most of them would charge a commission on the ads they place for the brands. Still, opting for an advertising agency specialising in VanglainiAdvertising makes a good choice for the following reasons: On the basis of large volumes of business that media agencies do, they can offer a discounted price to their clients.

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Choose the Advertisement Category from the list to get your Ad published in appropriate section of Newspaper. You need to Check Vanglaini Ad Rates which are mentioned in Rupees per square centimeter for the newspaper. Then you need to Fix the size of your Ad by calculating the total size with the Ad Rate mentioned in the given table for chosen category or supplement. Choose your date of publishing by checking booking essentials mentioned in category page by which you would get to know the booking deadline and other details.

Upon receiving your consent on Vanglaini Ad Rates quoted to you, we will send you an invoice with every payment options available to make payment.

Both Online and Offline payment options are available. Once the payment is received from you, our designing team would start designing your ad as per requirements and the advertisement would get published on the date chosen in the newspaper. After the advertisement is published, an e-paper copy of the newspaper will be received by you for reference. Understanding Vanglaini Advertisement tariff Advertisement in Vanglaini are distinguished into three different categories: 1.

Classified Ad 2. Display classified Ad 3. Display Ad The Ad Rates in Vanglaini are different for every categories and it varies from location to location, which means the cost are low in the small cities as compared to that of the metropolitan ones. Vanglaini has editions in Aizawl, etc.

But the Advertisement tariff is generally calculated on the basis of ad type. Classified Ads appear in a particular format under Classified Section of the newspaper.

They are published in line format with some enhancement options available by paying some extra charge. There is restriction to used number of words or lines in classified advertisements. This is the cost effective form of advertising in the newspaper. Classified Display Rates are charged per square centimeter of the area used for the advertisement.

There is limitation to choose size in Classified Display Ads, you can customize your ad design by using Logo, Image, Different Fonts and Colour to enhance your ad.

Classified Display Ads appears on specific page or supplement of the newspaper. Display Advertisement Rates are also calculated baised on square centimeter of the ad area used. The tariff for Display Ads is notably higher than the others as multiple columns are required to print this advertisement. For Display Advertisements there is no Limitation for size.

And here you have freedom to choose Page and Position also. To get your ads published in the best daily newspaper of the nation, trust Bhaves Advertisers as we offer great discounts and packages to all our valuable customers for advertising. We are an leading Advertising Agency and our Agents will assist you to book ads at nominal ad rates.


Want to Advertise in Other Mizo Newspapers?

How much does an ad in Vanglaini newspaper cost? There are different factors that contribute to the cost of booking an ad in Vanglaini. The cost differs in terms of ad format you choose, the category of your choice and the number of editions you choose to publish. Classified text ads are charged per line whereas the display ads are charged on the basis of per square metre. Again the cost varies depending on the selection of page for a display ad. To know more about the cost click on the link here. Getting your ad published in Vanglaini through our website is very quick and simple.





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